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I have painted almost every room in our home now. Make that almost every room in two homes! You could say that over the years I’ve learned a few tricks of the trade and have acquired quite a few painting tools. But, only a handful are my tried and true gear that get pulled out for every painting job.

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Here they are:

1. Benjamin Moore Aura paint:

I have to tell you that I’m a bit of a paint snob. When we bought out first house, I got to know our local paint guy because I practically lived at the paint store. He pulled me aside one day and told me that Benjamin Moore Aura was his favorite paint. Since that day, I’ve been a big fan. The price is definitely higher than most, but for the time savings and finished product, it is worth it! I have been able to paint two rooms with only one coat, and let me tell you we never scrimp on coats. Normally we paint two coats regardless, but our dining room and living room honestly didn’t need the second coat because the before color wasn’t too different and there were no spots showing! This year I’ve tried several other brands, but I keep coming back to good ole Benjamin. The Aura paint has really great coverage and a very even finish. Plus, the durability and scrubability (is that a word?) for removing smudges and gook from the walls is unsurpassed. In all fairness, I know several other DIY bloggers that swear by Sherwin Williams — I just haven’t tried it yet.

2. Benjamin Moore Satin Impervo (water-based):

If you have little boys you know how rough they can be on doors, doorways, and all the trim in your house. Our baseboards alone have stood up to many matchbox demolition derbies. When I choose a paint for our trim, I know it has to have superhuman properties. Luckily I’ve found the Impervo paint by Benjamin Moore is up to the challenge and stands up to a lot of abuse.

3. ScotchBlue Tape:

Painter’s tape is a necessity for clean lines AND for securing drop cloths to the floor right up to the baseboard. I’ve been using ScotchBlue for years and I can tell you that the painter’s tape you used 5 years ago has changed. I know 3M is working on improving for better seal with less stick! We always have a supply of ScotchBlue in my tape drawer and we definitely go through it!

4. Pro Masker 2000:

I used to be a taper and taped off every room we painted. (Now, I’ve gotten much better at cutting in with just a brush.) In a desperate attempt to save time, I bought this paint tape dispenser and was thrilled to shave some time off my taping tasks. You can watch a brief video here. I still tape off some edges when I know it will take me more time to be meticulous than to tape off some trim.


5. Metal Paint Tray with Hooking Legs (and Plastic Bags):

I have a no-frills metal paint tray. It has legs that can hook onto a ladder, which comes in handy when painting high on a ladder. This paint tray is the first and last tray I’ll ever need because I like to line it with plastic grocery bags for easy clean up and for protecting the tray from a multitude of layers of paint (did I mention how many rooms I’ve painted in our home?)

6. Paint Mixing Drill Attachment:


Okay, I know you already know how much I love my cordless drill. Which is why you’ll understand why I jumped at buying this paint stirrer drill attachment just to have an excuse to pull out my drill for another project! Honestly, unless you like the slow process of thoroughly mixing old paint or blending colors, you’ll want one of these for your own!


7. Paint Pail with Handle:

Having a small pail to hold paint for painting trim while balancing on a ladder just makes sense (unless you like step aerobic.) This handheld paint pail has a magnet inside that will hold your paint brush from being completely submersed. I haven’t tried this upgraded version myself, but that seems like a great addition.


8. Rolling Edger:

I’ve tried so many edging gadgets that I could build a wing on my garage just for paint gadgets. I always come back to this basic edger. It is a simple tool that does a great job with a clean edge on inner corners…

…outer corners and around objects. The bristled pad is removable for easy cleaning. We’ve never had to replace ours because I don’t let the paint dry in it. When buying a basic edger, there is one option that you really should consider: a hole to accept an extension pole.


9. Extension Pole:

An extension pole is a necessity for high walls and ceilings in general. The extension pole can screw into any paint roller base and edgers that have a hole for the extension pole. Buy one today, your neck will thank you but your chiropractor will miss you.


10. Drywall Tape Knife:

Painting trim is the final step in painting a room. At this point you see the light at the end of the tunnel and are ready to finish already. I recently gave up taping off the carpet and flooring and use a drywall taping knife as a painting guard instead. It was quick and easy to use. Simply push it under the baseboard, paint and wipe off the blade once in a while.


11: Two Step Stool with Tall Handle:

Unless you are 6’4″, like my brother, you’ll likely need a step stool for painting crown molding and the top of the wall. I have a Cosco brand that has a long handle for grasping at that moment that you realize you leaned too far to one side. (Not that that ever happened to me. No Way!)


12. Lined Drop Cloth:

Have you ever dripped paint? No? Liar!! Have you ever stepped in and tipped over an entire gallon of paint? Ummm, yes, I did do that once. Several years ago we bought a double-sided drop cloth set from Costco. I’ve been thrilled with the security of knowing that I can dip my shoe in paint at any given moment and my floors will be safe. One side is canvas and the back is coated with vinyl. This is the closest match I could find. A double-sided drop cloth may cost a little more, but they are re-useable and never need to be thrown away. 😉 Happy Earth Face!


13. Rustoleum Spray Paint Handle:

Ever have trigger finger? No, not the itchy kind. The kind that cramps up after spray painting a fleet of furniture. That’s the same moment you realize you forgot to wear gloves. Only now it looks like you are wearing a black glove — but  you’re not — it’s paint. The Rust-oleum Spray Handle is the best thing since spray paint! It fits on almost all spray paint cans except the ones with the built-in-trigger top like show on the right above.


14. Purdy Brushes:

My love affair with Purdy brushes may be considered a little extreme. I love them so much that I immortalized two as cabinet handles in my garage:

These are seriously good brushes! I’m still using the Purdy brushes I bought when we lived in our old house. (And did I mention how many rooms we’ve painted?) Sure, they cost a little more, but they hold their shape and if you clean them right, you will never have to buy new ones! One 2.5″ and a 1″ brush are all you really need (unless you are good at recruiting friends to help you paint.)


15. The Paintbrush Cover:

The Paint Brush Cover is the newest addition to my painting tool box. Sal emailed me about half a dozen times to try to get my attention about the Paint Brush Cover.  (Yup, if you don’t get a reply from me right away, try try again.) I’m so glad he was persistant because I love this painting accessory. When I get interrupted while painting with a phone call (or more likely to break up some brotherly bickering), it is so quick and simple to set the brush in the cover and seal it up. The Paint Brush Cover is like tupperware for your paint brushes. And if you are going to spend money on good brushes, you better make sure that you don’t let the paint dry out in them!

I was truly pleased when after a week with pneumonia, I returned to the room I had to abandon painting, to find that the brush I had stored in the Paint Brush Cover was still wet and the paint was ready to use! I was one happy DIYer!

On my wishlist:

As a big painting enthusiast, I’ve gotten myself into some tight spots while painting. But, none are more awkward than painting over stairs. The edger on a pole works okay, but inevitably I’ll bump the ceiling or the wall that wasn’t supposed to be painted. I tried the Little Giant Ladder at the Southern Ideal Home Show last year. I am definitely very skeptical of infomercial type products, but from what I saw (and witnessed while climbing two stories up) was impressive. The ladder can contort into all types of configuration which makes it ideal for painting stairways.

Unfortunately I didn’t buy one at the show. Which resulted in my attempt at a DIY Ladder Platform:

Why yes, that is a cinderblock; my DIY Aerobic step; and a few other scraps of wood. Although scary looking, it was actually sturdy, as you can see by my stair surfing antics. But, I don’t know that I can endorse my platform.

If you are into making your own, you can check out the platform that Matt & Shari made. It might be a little less risky.

Ready to start painting? Check out these tutorials on painting a room like a pro:

Step 1. 80% of a professional paint job is in the prep work.

Step 2. paint and sheen

Step 3. painting your room and finishing touches

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  1. Paula
    Paula says:

    lol…I can beat Sarah! I have more than paint freckles, right now I have painted fingers AND fingernails! I’m a paint fanatic and my friends always know what color I’m using because I always have some on me somewhere!

  2. seansmom
    seansmom says:

    Funny story: When we built our house, my professional painter brother in law painted the outside for us. I wanted and bought BRIGHT, cheery yellow. When he opened the 5 gallon container, he gave me that “look”… you know, the one that says “yep, she really is crazy”? He stuck his finger in the paint and wiped a tiny mark on the side of the house, saying “Are you sure you want this?” I said “yes”. He then pulled out a small paint brush and painted a 6 inch square on the house. Again, “Are you sure you want this?” “Yes.” Now he dips into the paint and paints a BIG square of it on the house…”Are you sure you want THIS?” Now, I know what he’s thinking, since I’m pretty sure he’s always thought me to be just a wee bit “out there”…he’s giving me that “suspicions confirmed” look. Again I say yes, so he sticks his sprayer hose into the paint and paints a very large section of one side of the house….”Are you SURE you want this?” all the time giving me that “my poor brother” look. I assured him I did and he did go on to paint the whole house my beautiful yellow color. To this day, he and I laugh about this and he’s told me he really DID think was “out there” with my paint color choice, but has admitted that it did turn out great and he does like the color …..NOW. LOL!!!!

  3. Renee
    Renee says:

    Great tips! No funny stories here… only I always have to remember to wear a bandana on my head while painting or the gray paint looks similar to the grays in my head I pay dearly to keep COVERED!

  4. perl
    perl says:

    Oh my – I still have 2 rollers wrapped in plastic bags and a paintbrush wrapped in saran wrap in the downstairs fridge from when I painted the downstairs bathroom…summer before last! I guess I should probably just junk those suckers. I also managed to freak out several people the other day walking around with one (spray paint-covered) black hand. Everyone was like “omg, what *happened* to your hand!?!” Hee. My trigger thing is lost in the abyss of the garage.

  5. Mel
    Mel says:

    Really good tips on painting! I did not realize about the plastic bag thing, I am going to try that next time before I go blowing another fortune on pan liners. Edgers, though, are my new best friend. I love those things.

    So a couple of months ago I was (attempting) to paint our wainscoting in the family room white. It is really rough and stained with an oil-based stain, so it was going all wrong for me. I had all the windows open to make sure it didn’t suffocate our three dogs while I painted, too, but it just. would. not. dry. It took FOREVER! Finally I gave up and went to bed.

    The next morning, I came downstairs to make coffee and noticed something strange all over the walls. They looked like wavy fern patterns on my freshly painted living room walls. Looking closer, it looked vaguely like white mold (keep in mind… no coffee at that point). “What is THAT?!” I yelled, thinking our newly-bought house was sprouting some kind of mutant wall mold. My husband came down and looked, and we sat there for a good five minutes staring at it and touching it lightly, asking each other what we thought it might be (did we have ghosts? asbestos? did someone break in and throw paint on the walls? was it some kind of new genus of mold?) before my (black) Border Collie walked by with a big white streak on her side.

  6. Cindy
    Cindy says:

    When painting the deck last year, I wanted to keep the red deck paint from getting all over my hair, so I found the best thing ever- a cheapo plastic shower cap. My kids could not stop laughing at me! At least I didn’t have to wash red paint out of my hair for the next 3 days!

  7. KimberlyH
    KimberlyH says:

    I’m not sure if this is really a very funny painting story but it was a good lesson learned….after we closed on our first house we had a painter come to paint the master and master bath just so that it would be all done and move-in ready for us, and then we could work on the rest of the place ourselves after moving in. I hadn’t learned anything yet about choosing paint colors and was naive enough to think that the paint swatch color was going to be exactly what the room would look like when it was done…well, now we have our lovingly-nicknamed master bathroom – the “Miller-lite Blue” bathroom because of it. If you don’t know Miller-lites, then you probably know tarp blue – bright and neon and completley unattractive. Lesson learned: ALWAYS try a paint sample on the wall in the room you are painting before paying someone to do the whole thing!

  8. Atta Girl Amy
    Atta Girl Amy says:

    So, I thought I was going to be smart and got one of those nifty pour spouts for my paint can. I’d shaken and stirred the paint and put the top on securely — or so I thought. When I turned the paint can upside down, off came the top and poured out all over my table. Luckily, it was a card table in my garage, but boy was it a mess. Funny now, not so funny then.

  9. Lori
    Lori says:

    We had just bought our house and I was 7 months pregnant. I told my hubby we could paint the house ourselves and save the money of hiring a crew. He didn’t want me to help him because of the fumes so he attempted to do it on his own. Well, two rooms and two weeks later, we decided we’d be hiring a crew after all!!

  10. Tara
    Tara says:

    I decided I DID NOT like the trick of wrapping a rubber band around the top of the paint can to wipe the paint-filled brush on! Imagine a paint-filled rubber band flying across the room as you try to carefully remove it from the can. Now I use a piece of duct tape across the top of the can to wipe the excess paint off the brush. Sturdier than a rubber band, and no more flying paint!

  11. gloria
    gloria says:

    I luv to paint rooms!!! Everything but ceilings – those I despise!!! I really like the idea of using the plastic bags for the roller tray, I will have to try that!! When a paint job is interrupted, I usually just wrap the paint brush in plastic wrap but those covers would sure be handier!

  12. Stacy Grogg
    Stacy Grogg says:

    I love red so I painted my dining room tomato red. I put a chair rail around it and then painted stripes on the bottom half…using a small cut-off foam brush, a flattened out make up brush and a regular brush. It took me weeks to finish it and I loved it. A few years later we had to put our house on the market and after months and months of no bites the realtor told me I needed to probably repaint the dining room…so I sadly did. When it finely sold…at the closing…the buyer said…”At one point wasn’t the dining room red and stripes? I thought I saw that in a picture when it was first on the market.” I said, “Yes, but I didn’t figure it was for everyone.” then she said…”too bad you painted it…that was my favorite room!”. I could have screamed. Oh well…the house sold…that’s what mattered!

  13. Emily R.
    Emily R. says:

    I helped paint my nephew’s nursery recently. We were attempting to paint the trim around the closet a light blue when I noticed the paint wasn’t really looking right as I applied it. I started picking at an area of existing white paint and it peeled off like it wasn’t bonded at all! Apparently the trim was made of some kind of plastic material – not wood – so the paint wasn’t sticking. They decided to wait on a full closet redo to fix it.

  14. Connie
    Connie says:

    I don’t have a funny paint story, but I think you are awesome cuz you can do all that painting! My hands don’t let me do that…but…I’m impressed with your abilities…

  15. Janae
    Janae says:

    I went to work with pink paint speckles on my glasses. My boss kept looking at me funny, so I finally asked her what…and she asked what I was painting pink. Now everyone is used to me coming to work with random spots of paint on me!

  16. Katie
    Katie says:

    i don’t have a funny story, but we have painted a lot of rooms in our home and love the paint tips / paint brush saver. I’m a big fan of purdy too, and it always annoys me if my hubby fails to properly was the brush and then wrecks one. The saver would be a life saver!

  17. Mary S
    Mary S says:

    We had a few gallons of paint left over from a big project and I tripped as I was on my way to the car to take it back to the store and it spilled all over the garage. Luckily my dad was in town and calmed me down and helped me get it cleaned up.

  18. Mary S
    Mary S says:

    Like the paint brush cover. I totally agree with your tips and I have learned some new ones. Can’t wait to get a paint brush cover. My husband will love it!

  19. Betty
    Betty says:

    So proud that i already do most of the ideas. I’m a purdy girl, too. Still wouldn’t mind somebody else painting the trim around the top of my almost done kitchen kids say they would do it, but it wouldn’t meet my “impossibly ” high standards. Just want it to look good, that’s not too much to ask. I am fading floetrol to the paint for the first time. I’m hoping that will make things a little easier, too. Thanks for the post.

  20. Holly Jenkins
    Holly Jenkins says:

    Once my husband was home painting (can’t remember what — I’m typically the one who does the painting!) when I got a call from the school wondering where I was to pick up our son, since school had let out 45 minutes earlier. As I was on my way over to the school I got a frantic call from my husband. He had gotten caught up in painting, lost track of time, and had forgotten our son. But, he was on the way! Since I was closer to the school I went over and picked up our son, and then met my husband in the parking lot so he could take our son home. My husband felt horrible for forgetting, and had left the house in such a rush he hadn’t even stopped to put shoes on. He would have looked pretty funny going into school in paint splatered clothes with no shoes! 😉

    I’m getting ready to paint our kitchen, so the brush covers would really come in handy! 🙂

  21. Liz
    Liz says:

    We are getting ready to remodel the basement and I let the 3 kids help help paint drylock on the foundation walls. They better stay in school, because they are not going to make it as painters! There is a track of paint splatters around the entire basement floor. I tell myself it doesn’t matter because we will be putting flooring over the top, but it still bugs me Ha. Well not as bad as the time I kicked over a full gallon of primer on my bedroom carpet, never could get that cleaned up all the way. Had to eventually replace the carpet!

  22. Gabby
    Gabby says:

    I also use Cindys shower cap trick! And I’m chuckling at Janae with the pink speckles on her glasses! That was me until I thought of covering them with plastic wrap. Well, a girl’s gotta improvise at times, right?
    I know I look a sight, but I don’t care. Well, except that one time when I answered the door to a hunky delivery guy….! My face was as red as the paint I was using……

  23. Crystal
    Crystal says:

    I love all the tips. I hate painting, but love how it looks afterwards. Unfortunately, I have to paint because I can’t afford to hire someone. Part of the reason for my distake in painting is that all the houses in Texas (or so it seems) have textured walls and ceilings. This makes taping useless which is very frustrating. In our last house, I bought blue paint…always paint a swatch first. It was bright blue…and I was painting it in our girls bathroom. It was so obnoxious and I couldn’t afford to go buy more paint, so I used small bottles of paint I had around the house and painted sea creatures to make it seem like the blue was the ocean. In the end, it turned out really cute, but I totally freaked out at first. Now I always buy samples. 🙂

  24. Denise
    Denise says:

    I can’t think of a funny painting story right now, but I do a lot of painting also, and was surprised to find some tips that I hadn’t thought of. Thanks!

  25. TracieMcOB
    TracieMcOB says:

    Not really a funny story – but yes, I have knocked over my paint cans (fortunately NOT a gallon can), yes I have stepped in my paint tray, yes I have spilled on my canvas drop cloth and had RED paint soak through to the CREAM colored carpet and yes, I use plastic bags and rubber bands to cover my paint brushes. (LOVE my Purdy brushes too) so, YES, I need the Paint brush cover! Thank you!

  26. Anna
    Anna says:

    I guess this isn’t funny (for me) as it is shameful! I once helped paint a church wearing brand new jeans and ended up having someone painting above me. Lo and behold, they dribbled cream paint all down my new jeans! Guess I’ve re-learned my lesson about paint clothes.

  27. Amanda
    Amanda says:

    Um, being a novice to paining, apparently there was something dripped or spilled down certain walls in our house. It looks like grease or something but it is rock solid. I attempted to pain over it, and failed miserably. I guess I should have spot sanded..not necessarily funny, just an admission of being clueless.

  28. Cherie
    Cherie says:

    so the only thing I have is while staining my stairs, I thought that all the cats were in a room. Thinking that, i started painting away, next thing i know there is paw prints down the stairs and on the carpet. Yay! that was fun getting up.

  29. julie witt
    julie witt says:

    Ooh, funny paint story? Well, my daughter was getting ready to graduate from college. I was fixing up her room here at home. I let her pick out the paint color — as she was rushing out the door one Sunday evening. It was called something-something rose, I believe, but it turned out to be more Bubble Gum Pink! But I painted the room that color. With white trim. Whoa! My whole house is neutral, but that room has enough color for 5 houses! So, I finish painting, did a dang good job if I do say so myself — then my daughter tells me she is NOT moving back home after graduation! So, now I have the brightest pink room you can imagine — and no daughter to live in it! I’ll repaint it some day, but for now it reminds me of her when I go in there. 🙂

  30. Suzy @ Worthing Court
    Suzy @ Worthing Court says:

    These are great tips, Brittany. I gotta say that I don’t think I’ll ever buy any brand except Purdy again! Everyone raves and raves and now that we were given a brush at the conference. My only funny painting story is what a huge MESS I make whenever I paint!

  31. Peggy
    Peggy says:

    No funny story about painting here but I do want to tell you what an inspiration you are to me! I discovered your blog not too long ago and have been reading your recent posts as well as going back to previous ones. Not only are you a fantastic writer, you lessen my fear of trying some DIY projects!

  32. Melinda
    Melinda says:

    Okay, so I don’t have a funny paint story to date, but I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE your blog. I am such a rookie at all this DIY stuff and you provide me with such useful information. Thank you so much!

  33. Anne Marie
    Anne Marie says:

    You are amazing – wish you were my next door neighbor. I do not have a funny paint story but me painting is a funny story in itself!

  34. SheilaG @ Plum Doodles
    SheilaG @ Plum Doodles says:

    Hmm, this isn’t particularly funny, but typical of me. We had new tile put down in our guest bath- replacing carpet- yuk! Anyway, for some reason I painted AFTER the tile went down. I forgot to take the tray of paint off the ladder before moving it- yep, paint all over the new tile. Cleaned up great, except for the grout, of course. I kind of like the new color of the grout better, but it doesn’t cover the whole floor. Keep wondering if I should just go back and paint the rest of the grout. 🙂

  35. Kimberly Bruhn
    Kimberly Bruhn says:

    Hey — if I don’t win, I am going to get a Paint Brush cover…it’ll save on ziplock bags! I’ll look ’em up on FB, too. Funny story…okay, I’m in my first house and I have finally got a puppy! A black Scotty (my fav)…never had a doorbell before. Neighbor rings bell, puppy goes ape and then I have now have a Westie (white terrier) or it looks white, AND some nasty white puppy prints all over the freshly-cleaned carpet! Keep that in mind…never chase after puppy…they think it’s a game and it makes for even more paint prints!

  36. marilyn
    marilyn says:

    All my paint stories are very sad and not funny. But I’m working on making better stories. 🙂 Also, I have Great Little Ladder and love it.

  37. Wende
    Wende says:

    Painting story, my we have painted our share of walls. This is our 6th house and always go with the fixer uppers. Anything that can go wrong, has for us at one time or another. I do not like Sherwin Williams paint at all, for the record. We have learned alot along the way and one tip I will add for you is to put your paint brush in it’s zip lock bag or that spiffy new cover in the fridge as well. That will also help keep it from drying out! Thanks for the chance to win.

  38. Kala
    Kala says:

    A few years ago my aunt asked me to help her paint her bedroom. She conned me into it offering me free dinner and complaining about how bad she was at anything crafty/artsy/etc. I thought she was exagerating a bit until she lost her balance on one of those mini ladders and landed her whole foot (sock and all) into the paint can. I then banned her from the room and let her start on my dinner! (Ok, it’s not that funny unless you were there, but I tried.)

  39. Zan
    Zan says:

    I can’t think of any really funny stories but I can tell you not to paint the interior of your home and repair what you thought were just small crack from the house settling (concrete slab) and then find you need to level your foundation. We now have what looks like squishy stuff on the walls. When the foundation was leveled it squished out all the repair material and paint. Looks like a pastry chef went crazy with the icing.
    Thanks for all the paint tips and a chance to win the paint brush covers.

  40. Diana - Highland, IL
    Diana - Highland, IL says:

    My paint stories are funy in that I am usually covered with just as much paint as the walls or whatever I am painting… I don’t know how it happens… it just does….. love the new gadget!!!!

  41. Karen
    Karen says:

    I worked for a number of years as an assistant to a faux painter. Lots of stories! We painted in several rooms in a retired couples’ home and the husband liked to stand in the room and stare at us when we were on our ladders. Very disconcerting!
    We used surgical gloves (bought in bulk at Sam’s Club & only a few cents each) to protect our hands and when we took a break, we would take them off inside-out and cover our paint brush. Easy way to keep our brushes fresh! That said, those paint brush covers look awesome!

  42. Stephanie
    Stephanie says:

    I have owned my fixer upper house for three years now and have offically painted everything inside and just did the trim on the outside this past summer. Only funny story I have is when I was painting my bedroom my dog went to sit down next to the wall and put his butt right onto the wall! I couldn’t get the paint off him for weeks:)

  43. Rachael
    Rachael says:

    My funny painting story happened when I was a teenager and we were switching the boys and girls rooms. We moved my brother’s bunk beds and found a wall of boogers!!! When questioned by my mom for an explanation, my brother quickly replyed that the wall was his “laboratory”. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to paint that wall!!!

    This post came at the perfect time because I’m currently in the midst of re-painting two rooms! Love the “drywall tape knife” tip! Totally going to use that! I am also thrilled to find out about the paint brush cover! If I don’t win it I’m getting a bunch anyway for stocking stuffers (and for myself of course).

    Quick question. What is your favorite brand of roller brush? Do you use a disposable kind or reusable?

    • Brittany (aka Pretty Handy Girl)
      Brittany (aka Pretty Handy Girl) says:

      Ewwww! Rachael, I use all different brands but don’t cheap out (Benjamin Moore, Purdy, ?). I also like to de-fuzz them by rubbing painter’s tape on a new roller. I will wash out and re-use rollers as much as possible, but usually only get 3-5 uses out of them.

  44. Elizabeth L
    Elizabeth L says:

    We’ve painted almost all of the rooms in our house over the years, but the last bedroom we were getting ready to do, we both walked up, had the kids covered, paint clothes on, brushes in hand…and looked at each other and almost simultaneously asked if we were ok to call a painter- just ran out of steam after so much DIY!

    Love to win, because we do still paint!!

  45. BonnieP
    BonnieP says:

    I was helping a girlfriend paint her bathroom and things didn’t go as planned and she was going to have to call in sick for work so we could finish the job. We were sweating away climbing up and down off of our stools, had the heat to high went into town for more supplies. Not wanting to lie she texted – I am not going to be able to make it to work tomorrow as I’ve been in and out of the bathroom all day and feeling hot and cold. Not a lie!

  46. Linda D.
    Linda D. says:

    Another great blog. It is great to have all of these tips in one place. The last time I tried to paid with a roller the roller filled up with paint and then dribbled all over the floor when I went to put it on the wall. It was a great way to get my husband to do the job! He has done all of the painting since.

  47. Lora W.
    Lora W. says:

    My first experience with painting was repainting the bathroom ceiling. I am not very neat and boy do those rollers spray some paint particles. Anyway, I wore paint dots in my lovely long dark brown hair for about a week. Thanks for the giveaway!

  48. Vicki Thomas
    Vicki Thomas says:

    Thanks for the info about the paint cover! I have almost everything on your paint list, too. Want to know what the hubby got me for our anniversary this year? Some awesome paint brushes. Not the ones that you listed, but some pretty excellent quality. He said that if I was going to be going around painting everyone else’s house, I needed some good tools. Almost as good as the table saw he bought me for our 10th anniversary.

    Check out the wallpaper trim guides or smoothing tools for paint edgers, too.

  49. Felicia
    Felicia says:

    Some great tips here! I love to paint, but hard as I try not to I will get paint on something. If I cover the floor everywhere but there’s one inch of floor showing, THAT is where I will drip paint. Just did it again a few days ago. And I would love the paint brush cover . I hate cleaning brushes so if I can delay doing it I will be happy! Thanks.

  50. Tina
    Tina says:

    My girlfriend was paiting her very high ceiling and dropped a gallon of paint on her entry way carpet. This is carpet that she wanted to replace. Her husband thought she did it on purpose! But the carpet was replaced with hardwood. 🙂

  51. Diana B
    Diana B says:

    I don’t find painting is really all that funny…mostly just messy! One thing I do is wear my clothes inside out when painting, and I know people who see me like that think it’s pretty funny, especially when you forget to turn them back around for that quick errand :0.

  52. Barbara Mars
    Barbara Mars says:

    WOW! What a great invention! Sure beats the old ‘Wal-Mart’ sack that I currently use – would love to win one of the paint brush covers!
    Thanks for the giveaway and all (and I do mean ALL!) the great tips!
    Barbara in TN
    [email protected]

  53. Stephanie
    Stephanie says:

    Well, I can’t think of any funny painting stories (I’m sure I have some, just can’t think of them right now). But I can tell you how nice it’s been since my kids have gotten a little older and can help. My 9 year old son is a little workhorse and loves to help me. I edge and cut in, and he mans the roller. It’s a great partnership!

  54. Deb Siemens
    Deb Siemens says:

    My friend, Cheryl and I have done many fix-ups and repairs. We always have a great time laughing while painting our homes together, something I would recommend heartily.
    Grab a friend and trade off working on each others homes, it’s lots of fun!

  55. Danielle K
    Danielle K says:

    My story is not super funny…my husband and I really dislike painting. I had set up all these precautions while I was painting recently and even talked about how I needed to pay attention and not spill paint or step in any paint. Then what did I do? I stepped in paint and had no idea for a long time until my husband pointed it out. Luckily I was painting the project in the garage and the paint on the floor was only there. We’re tackling a new project soon and it makes me nervous just thinking about it!

  56. Jill
    Jill says:

    My husband and I painted our house a couple years ago. I wanted this nice creamy slighty peachy tone and picked just the right paint. Or, so I thought. We painted the entire front of the house and stepped back to admire our work. The sun hit it just right and it looked like Willy Wonka had puked bubble gum pink on our house! UGH! (Yeah – I know now – testers!!) What a learning experience. It still makes me laugh.

  57. The Girl @ POS
    The Girl @ POS says:

    My funny story is painting related, but the spray kind. I was in the driveway putting the umpteenth coat of brown spray paint on some huge metal shelves, spraying away like a maniac, when I stopped and thought, perhaps the nozzle is clogged because I don’t appear to be making any progress. I went inside to investigate, and my boyfriend took one look at me and died laughing. Lesson learned: do not spray paint INTO the wind, or you will not put the paint where desired, and instead earn many new “freckles” for days to come.

    We also have an entire house to paint, so I need these!!

  58. karen@somewhatquirky
    [email protected] says:

    We must be paint sisters separated at birth! My list would be exactly the same – except I have never used one of those paint brush covers. But not for long!! I need to win one – or two – or three . . . I still like the oil based Impervo paint – the black satin is just a perfect finish. I have started a few projects with the new Advanced BM paint. They are still in progress but I think they will be worth the extra money (our store charges over 60 bucks for a gallon). My house is slowly but surely getting covered in Aura paint. In regards to the Sherman Williams fans – I painted with SW exclusively for 20 years. My loyalty developed because they have such great colors and at the time were the best color matchers out there. You know the SW paints never are rated high by Consumer Reports – don’t know what that means, just kind of an FYI. I can’t speak for any of their new paints but nothing I have ever used in 35 years of painting stuff compares with the superior performance of Aura paint on walls.

  59. rose lauing
    rose lauing says:

    Oh, yeah, baby! Your timing couldn’t be better! We’re beginning to redo all the bedrooms (4) with new paint jobs and new carpet. BTW, I too LOVE Benjamin! I’ve always used Purdy brushes too – had the same one for many years because I baby it…and it loves me back. I’m liking this new paint brush cover, way less messy than my usual plastic wrap fiasco. I never thought about lining the tray, but I will definitely use that one! Thanks for the tips…keep ’em coming!!!


  60. Christy
    Christy says:

    Last summer my husband went away for a few days over our anniversary and even though my back was basically a mess, I decided I wanted to do an extreme makeover to our home office. It really wasn’t even a makeover because it had never been done. I like to paint but I had a desk to paint black so I called in a friend who loves to paint and she took over the room painting (a lovely soft mossy green). I laid out all of the supplies and went to babysit some kids for the morning. My friend sort of rolled her eyes at my drop cloths and she said, “I never use those.” I said, OK, because I trusted her. After I left she decided to use the cloth anyway. In a freak accident she then proceeded to dump a half a gallon of paint on the floor (on the drop cloth first, thankfully!). She was a screaming lunatic but she was all alone in my home. When I came home she had already finished the room and could relay the entire incident to me while cracking up laughing.

    I would love the paintbrush keepers!!

    Thanks for your blog. I appreciate your spirit!

  61. Shay
    Shay says:

    I never want to use aluminum foil again. I LOVE it. Thank-you for the great information. How did you know I had painter’s finger today from spray painting? 🙂

  62. Charity Hardin
    Charity Hardin says:

    Holy crap, that paintbrush cover is brilliant! Up until now, green pallet wrap from UHaul has been my go-to brush storage… for some reason it just works better than plastic wrap. But now I think I need some paintbrush Tupperware!

  63. Sabrina
    Sabrina says:

    Gee, let’s see.. how many paintbrushes have I ruined in the last 12 years or so? Too many! Sometimes it’s laziness on my part. My trick is to wrap them in plastic wrap and place in the freezer. Funny thing is that I forget about them and go on to other projects. I find them later in the freezer, and by that time they are pretty much ruined…

  64. Kelly B.
    Kelly B. says:

    I was going to paint my small bathroom off the kitchen so I took the kids with me to Home Depot to get the paint. I wanted a burnt orange and ordered up a gallon. The woman opened the can to show us the finished color and my son said, “Mom, the paint matches her apron,” which was that Home Depot orange color. I freaked a little thinking my bathroom was going to be Home Depot Orange, but she assured me it would dry darker. Thank goodness it did, and it’s now the perfect burnt orange. Good laughs over that one.

  65. megan turner
    megan turner says:

    My husband is a painter by profession but I do all the painting in our house! I really need the Paint Brush Cover!! I hope I win!! I’m facebook liking the Paint Brush Cover as we speak!

  66. Lindsey M
    Lindsey M says:

    A few months ago I hepled my sister paint the extra bedroom fr her 13 year old daughter. It is purple, pink and turquoise with stripes. She has two daschunds and bu the time we were finished, both dogs were quite technicolored!

  67. Janet
    Janet says:

    This week I painted our powder room. I had to lie across the toilet with my head upside down on the opposite side to cut in around the water supply lines behind the toilet. Very tiny powder room. Would love to have one of those paint brush covers!

  68. susan allen
    susan allen says:

    hving a paint party with mulitple paint cans everywhere and someone coming inthe room not rea;izing where the paint cans were in the room and behind the door and they stepped indirectly right in with their whole foot high heel and all in the full open paint can fell down and it was just everywhereshe could regain her balance with onw foot in the gallon of paint OH MY, to this day i still see the image of her falling with one foot in the gallon of paint thanks , susan

  69. Jeannene
    Jeannene says:


    Love those paintbrush covers. I could really use them. My paint disaster stories basically come down to picking the wrong colors. The yellow that looked so pretty on the paint chip looked like the side of a school bus when it was up on my wall!

  70. Ziva
    Ziva says:

    well i dont have a funny painting story but i sure do appreciate your painting tips! cant tell you how many times ive needed some serious tape or tools (like that metal paint tray – awesome!) and just didnt know if the investment was worth it. thanks!

  71. Grace
    Grace says:

    A friend and I helped her daughter paint her first home. My friend and I had painted before so were making nice even strokes but her daughter decided she should dance to burn calories. Did I mention it was early December and we were singing Christmas Carols. It was a hoot. We all swore off painting an entire house ever again. Of course we stepped in paint and spilled paint. The house looked fabulous.

  72. Lynne
    Lynne says:

    Enjoyed your tips. As the World’s Messiest Painter, I applaud your nearly-pristine trousers. Mine look like I’ve hotglued hundreds of hummingbirds to mine! Heck, I even drip the test patches…sigh. And taking a post-painting shower involves many, many scrubs. I’m thinking my next accessory should be a haz-mat suit.

  73. Shannon Roughgarden
    Shannon Roughgarden says:

    I don’t have a funny story, but I do love YOUR stories! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway! This little cover would be awesome!

  74. Kelli
    Kelli says:

    I like your paint brush cover.
    I will tell you a funny story without hopes of winning anything.
    Keep in mind I am a professional painter who should know better.

    Into my 12th hour painting and on my second job of the day. A children’s bathroom. The bath connected to both kid’s bedroom, and it was getting late. I wanted to get the room cut in and rolled by before their bedtime. ( consideration of the client, their home and routines, is always BEFORE any other part of the paint job. ) Anyway, I moved my ladder. I forgot that I had a gallon of paint on top. Paint can not only dumped. It bounced…out the door…into the daughter’s bedroom, paint was flung onto the bed, the furniture, the carpet, the walls painted only two days ago, and onto the ceiling fan. I did not cry. The children did not get to bed by nine.

    Anyway, I like your post. It doesn’t claim to say what a pro would do. Painting for yourself and professional painting are not skills requiring the same kind of processes. Professional painters are always in the frame of mind that time is money. There is no reason a home owner has to learn to cut in a ceiling line with a brush. ( and yes, Purdy is the best. But I almost exclusively use a three inch brush. And DO be a paint snob. Cheap paint makes for poor results. )

  75. Inspire Me Heather
    Inspire Me Heather says:

    Oh I need to get some painting gadgets like that paint brush cover/holder thingy and a spray paint handle! Thanks for posting your tips and tricks – I’ve got this linked to my painting post too today, for DIY advice!

  76. Donna
    Donna says:

    Reading your blog and others on Pinterest just trying to get prepared for my first paint job. I’m going to attempt to paint my bathroom first…if that goes well then I’ll embark on the rest of the house! Here goes nothing!

  77. Dan Marston
    Dan Marston says:

    I haven’t and love to paint in over 8 years I’ve had practice paintwashing walls with paint roller and water is it or would it easy or hard for me to try to remember how to paint again after than many years also I haven’t helped anyone paint I’ve asked and offered no one ever welcomed me anyone have ideas or suggestions whether or not I’ll be able to remember how to paint after over 8 years also I’ve only painted like 3 or 4 times even if i don’t ever get to help or paint for anyone i also have worn paint suits when I have painted I have three of them I even have a vintage painting suit that goes back to either between the 50s and 70s it has a belt on it that hooks its the nicest one i now own for anyone whos doesn’t know whats paintwashing it using a paintroller wetting it and washing walls like your painting only its not paint its rolling water onto the walls i may never get to paint or help anyone again paintwashing may be the closet I’ll ever come to painting if anyone interested my comments please comment back to me thank you

  78. toolpro
    toolpro says:

    Perusing your web journal and others on Pinterest simply attempting to get readied for my first paint work. I’m going to endeavor to paint my restroom first… if that goes well then I’ll set out on whatever is left of the house! Here goes nothing!


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