4 DIY Books I’m Digging

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4 DIY Books I'm Digging | Pretty Handy Girl

During the summer when the weather gets hot and humid, I like to curl up inside the air conditioned house with an iced coffee and a new DIY book for inspiration. This year, I have 4 DIY Books that I’m Digging. I know you’ll enjoy at least one or two (if not all four) of these DIY books!

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Big Impact Landscaping by Sara Bendrick

Sara took her years of landscaping experience and poured it into Big Impact Landscaping, a book full of DIY ideas you can use in your own yard.

4 DIY Books I'm Digging | Pretty Handy Girl

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Each of the projects outlined in Big Impact Landscaping are easy to follow with a complete list of tools, materials . . .

4 DIY Books I'm Digging | Pretty Handy Girl

. . . and step-by-step directions with photos.

4 DIY Books I'm Digging | Pretty Handy Girl

The projects cover a wide variety of categories: from pathways and exterior structures, to fire or water features and gardens.

4 DIY Books I'm Digging | Pretty Handy Girl

If you have struggled with plants or your yard, Big Impact Landscaping is a book that will turn your failures into successes.

4 DIY Books I'm Digging | Pretty Handy Girl

Flea Market Style from Better Homes and Gardens

I was thrilled to get a copy of Flea Market Style in my hands, because I purchased an older copy of this book from 2005 at a yard sale. I enjoyed many hours leafing through that book and was anxious to read this updated copy.

4 DIY Books I'm Digging | Pretty Handy Girl

Each page is colorful eye candy for anyone who likes eclectic decorating with antiques and flea market finds.

4 DIY Books I'm Digging | Pretty Handy Girl

Flea Market Style is equal parts design inspiration and tips for finding valuable items at flea markets and second hand stores.

4 DIY Books I'm Digging | Pretty Handy Girl

This book is sure to provide plenty of enjoyment while you browse through spread after beautiful spread. Flea Market Style will make a great addition to any coffee table.

Crafting with Wood Pallets by Becky Lamb

4 DIY Books I'm Digging | Pretty Handy Girl

You have probably witnessed the popularity of wood pallet projects. These (oftentimes) free shipping vessels are finding their way into homes and yards throughout the world. Crafting with Wood Pallets is filled with several tutorials for projects you can make for your home, apartment, or your yard.

4 DIY Books I'm Digging | Pretty Handy Girl

I appreciate that the author has gone into extensive detail about how to find pallets, which pallets are safe to use and what tools you’ll need to pull them apart. You’ll find many unique projects for the beginning and intermediate DIYer within this book.

4 DIY Books I'm Digging | Pretty Handy Girl

Crafting with Wood Pallets gives you all the tips and skills to begin creating your own crafts, decor, and furniture immediately.

DIY Industrial Pipe Furniture & Decor by James Angus

The industrial style is a growing trend in home design. Working with plumbing pipes can seem intimidating at first, but DIY Industrial Pipe Furniture & Decor will break down the process of creating with industrial pipes into simple to follow plans.

4 DIY Books I'm Digging | Pretty Handy Girl

The first few pages get you up to speed on which pipe fittings you want to purchase and how to clean them before using industrial pipes in your home.

4 DIY Books I'm Digging | Pretty Handy Girl

The rest of the book is devoted to step-by-step tutorials for creating your own furniture and fixtures for your home.

4 DIY Books I'm Digging | Pretty Handy Girl

I have to admit that I haven’t worked with iron pipes yet, but after reading DIY Industrial Pipe Furniture & DecorI have my mind set on creating something soon with pipes.


Which of these books will end up on your bookshelf? I hope you enjoy leafing through them as we plow through the dog days of summer.

4 DIY Books I'm Digging | Pretty Handy Girl

Enter to Win a Copy of Big Impact Landscaping!

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(Terms & Conditions: Winner will be shipped one copy of Big Impact Landscaping by Sara Bendrick. Winners will be selected randomly. Entries must be received by Friday, July 14th, 2017 at 11:59pm EST. Contest open to Continental US residents only. Must be an adult aged 18 and older. Winner will be notified by Wednesday, July 19th, 2017 via email. Winner must reply to email within 2 days of receiving the notice. Please be sure you have [email protected] as an acceptable email address. Prizes will be fulfilled by Sara Bendrick. Pretty Handy Girl cannot be held responsible for prizes that are lost or damaged en route.)

Disclosure: All of these books were sent to me for a potential book review. I receive a lot of complimentary books, not all of them make my cut for sharing them on the blog. I was not paid to endorse any of the books. All opinions are my own.

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25 replies
  1. Jules
    Jules says:

    I love working in my yard and would love to have the Big Impact Landscaping book. Actually I would love to have them all!

  2. Glo.
    Glo. says:

    I enjoy working in my yard and am always looking for new ideas to add. I’m sure that “Big Impact Landscaping” would give me a few! I enjoyed her show on the DIY Network. I could curl up with all of these books.

  3. Beth
    Beth says:

    Due to major pipe replacement ,ugh, our whole front yard was torn up. They had to take out my boxwood and holly that I had been working to make into toparies. Years worth of work gone ! So, I decided to take the opportunity to relandscape and I’ve been looking for ideas. I would love to have this book to get me started. Thanks for the chance to win.

  4. Grace Gates
    Grace Gates says:

    My daughter gave me a gift card to Quail Ridge books. Might have to go check out Crafting with Pallets.

  5. Tammara
    Tammara says:

    Would love to win the Big Impact Landscaping book. I need to redo my yard and this book would help immensely! Looking forward to see your next project considering all of the books sound good.

  6. Christina
    Christina says:

    The hubs and I have a cool 1938 Tudor style house that we’re remodeling. The house looks like a story book cottage so we want a story book backyard to go with it! The free book would give us so many amazing ideas to see our dreams to fruition!

  7. Mary Buzzell
    Mary Buzzell says:

    All four look great. Thanks for showing some of the inside pages. Would love to win the landscaping one!

  8. Melissa
    Melissa says:

    I’m planning a big makeover of my front and back gardens this summer. After 12 years, I think it is time!! This book will definitely give me some good ideas and great advice. Thanks.

  9. Susan Hopewell
    Susan Hopewell says:

    These sound like great summer reading!

    I have a very small yard and it is shaded but I am hopeful to find some ideas here.


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