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Adding Wallpaper for Windows to Stop the Peep Show

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I’m about to share something a little embarrassing with the whole world. I confess to you that I regularly walk in my bathroom naked in front of the only window in our master bathroom!

Why would I do such a silly thing? Why? Well, I’m not intentionally trying to flash the world, that is for sure! I do it because I don’t want to cover that window that provides light and a view of our wooded backyard. I like to watch hawks, deer and other wildlife as they cross behind our yard. During the spring, summer, and fall I have plenty of privacy from the trees. BUT, in the winter that privacy is nearly nonexistent.

Now, I’m not insinuating that my neighbors are the peeping tom types, but I still feel a little self-conscious getting out of the shower at night in a brightly lit bathroom.Dear Mr. & Mrs. Jones (not their real names), if I inadvertently flashed you on one such night, I’m sorry.

When Wallpaper for Windows contacted me to ask if I wanted to try their product, I immediately said, YES! The name of their company is slightly misleading, because they sell a wide range of privacy films and decor clings for more than just your windows. You can find products in their online store for glass shower stalls, mirrors, side lights, and more.

I was instantly drawn to the decor tint line. The decor tints are sold in privacy and see-thru opaquenesses. With a variety of  11 colors to choose from, I knew I could find one to work with our blue bathroom. Ultimately I chose the sky blue see-thru film.

Why not privacy you ask? Well, here’s the thing, I didn’t want to block my view of the wildlife (and the kids playing in the yard), but I did want to keep my neighbors from thinking that I lead a wild life.

How to Install Wallpaper for Windows Window Clings


(I’ve included affiliate links for your convenience. I earn a small percentage from a purchase using these links. There is no additional cost to you. You can read more about affiliate links here.)

  • Razor blade
  • Window cleaner
  • Water and soap mixed in a spray bottle (the Shaklee Basic H2 works for both cleaning and spraying)
  • Clean rag
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors (if you don’t have an X-ACTO knife)
  • Wallpaper for Windows film
  • Wallpaper for Windows squeegee

Difficulty: Easy to apply the film; Moderate if cutting shapes

Installing the Window Film

Step. 1 – Start by scraping any debris off your windows using the razor blade. (Confession #2 – that debris you see below is hairspray. Truth be told, I lived through the hair band 80’s and haven’t weaned myself off hairspray yet.)

Step 2. – Clean the windows thoroughly with glass cleaner and wipe dry.

Step 3. Measure each window panel. You may choose to add 1/4″ to the dimensions if you are unsure about your measuring or cutting skills.

Note: Wallpaper for Windows will cut your panels exactly to size (1 flat $6.50 fee for the all the divided lights in my window), but I chose to do it myself. It isn’t hard to cut the film, but you might want to pay to have Wallpaper for Windows cut it if you aren’t practiced at using an X-ACTO knife.

Step 4. – Transfer the measurements to the back of the window film (the white paper side.) Hold the ruler firmly on the back of the film and cut your panels.

Set the panels aside in a dry spot. Don’t let the paper backing get wet.

Wash your hands thoroughly to remove any oils or dirt. If you don’t, you could leave fingerprints or smudges between the glass and the film.

Step 5. – Wet the window with the water/soap mixture. (I used the Shaklee Basic H2 window cleaner.)

Step 6. – Peel the backing off the decor tint film.

Remember how I said not to get the backing wet, here is why:

Those little white spots of backing paper were near impossible to get off.

Step 7. – Position the window film onto your window. You can peel it off and reposition it as needed.

When the film is centered on the window, use your hand to press and smooth it onto the glass.

Step. 8 – Use the provided squeegee (also a credit card will work) to press from the center to the edges of the film. Push any air and water bubbles out to the sides.

Step 9. – Use a sharp X-ACTO blade to trim any excess film from the window.

This is how the see-thru decor tint (blue sky color) looks on the bottom half of the window. You could stop at this point and enjoy the privacy that it creates.

Here is a close up view of the blue sky tint next to the open window:

Cutting a Graphic out of the Window Film

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I’m the blogger who likes to push that “Amp Up the Creativity” button on all my projects. Which is why I wanted to cut graphic shapes out of the decor tint.

Step 1. Install the window film (see directions above). Let the window and film dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Install a fresh blade into the X-ACTO knife.

Step 2. – Use a sharp X-ACTO blade to lightly cut through the film. Use enough pressure to cut through the film but not to scratch the glass.

Step 3. – Use the X-ACTO point to pull a corner free. Peel the shape off the window.

Continue until you have completed the scene. I cut out simple graphic trees from the window film.

In the late afternoon, the sun shines through the cut-outs and projects this beautiful scene on the opposite wall.

And now I have the perfect amount of privacy and yet can still see wildlife and wild boys in the backyard.

The closer I get to the window, the more I can see out the cut outs:

However, as you can see, there is still enough of the film to protect my neighbors from seeing more than they bargained for.

If the tinted decor film isn’t your style, they have a plethora of other films to choose from!

Disclosure:  I was not paid or compensated to write this post. Wallpaper for Windows sent me a complimentary sample of their product to test. This post is my idea and my thoughts on their product. I was not told what to write.
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  1. Susie E
    Susie E says:

    I’ve followed your blog for about a year now, and I’ve really enjoyed implementing some of your projects! (especially the weather stripping on the garage doors)

  2. Susie E
    Susie E says:

    I need to install this on my front door. It has a full length glass panel that provides wonderful light into the foyer, but also a wonderful view into my foyer.

  3. Tina C
    Tina C says:

    Follow you on twitter. I would use it on my side window panels on my front door and in 2 bathrooms. Loved the design you cut out.

  4. Lori MacDonald
    Lori MacDonald says:

    This is what I need for my front doors and my living room windows! The front doors allow a lovely view of my entire house, but I don’t want to block my view of the kids playing outside. The living room has large windows and they let in a lot of light, which I don’t want to change… But I’d sure like to make sure the neughbours don’t have to watch everything.

  5. Gina
    Gina says:

    Love the trees you cut out! I have a window just like yours but mine is twice as big so if I was to keep the shutters open while showering my neighbors would see everything!! Yikes! I love to look out into my backyard too and it’s the only window so I climb into the garden tub (major design flaw by builder) to fold open the shutters after dressing. This film would be great. If I win will you cut some tress out for me?

  6. Amy Woodcox
    Amy Woodcox says:

    I am not exactly a flasher but have tons of windows in my house and I would love to leave some of them “open ” for lighting. I love the cutouts that you did!

  7. stephy Buhler
    stephy Buhler says:

    I really like the faux stained glass films and I really, really love what you did with the privacy film. That’s an idea worth stealing.

    I, too, have a privacy issue that could use some film. I have a bathroom window directly opposite the shower that is shielded from the highway by the foliage most of the year, but once those leaves fall …

  8. Shelley Frost
    Shelley Frost says:

    Your post about flashing the neighbors described me. We too live in the woods with gorgeous trees out our bathroom window. We too have neighbors that could see into our window! And yes, I too walk around my bathroom naked. My husband thinks I do it purposely to give the neighbors a thrill….LOL!

    Your idea of the privacy film is a great one. I love the lite frost on their website, that’s what I would order. I love how you cut out the trees! Awesome job! Pick me, pick me! I would love to install this on our bathroom window so I can continue walking around naked in my bathroom!!!! Shelley

  9. Emily
    Emily says:

    We could definitely use Wallpaper for Windows in our master bathroom. Much like you, we’re verging on being flashers whenever the blinds are left open over the bathtub! But the bathroom is really dark otherwise, with them closed. We need something to let us keep the light, kill the overexposure to our neighbors.

  10. Kara K
    Kara K says:

    I think the Avalon etched glass is so prety. And the pin-up girls is sort of tacky. But it could have been a humorous addition to your neighbor flashing bathroom window! 🙂

  11. Tati
    Tati says:

    I may be a flasher, too! We live on a lake with no houses directly behind us, but there’s a street on the other side of the lake and houses beyond that. My master bath window faces that direction and I always wonder who may be able to see me from the street or the houses beyond … I try not to think about it! I would absolutely use this product on my master bath window (and many other possible places!) I just have to say that in browsing their site I was quite a bit turned off that one of their window designs is “pot leaves” – that is SO wrong!

  12. Sarah Delacueva
    Sarah Delacueva says:

    •I recently started following Pretty Handy Girl when I saw one of your posts linked on Pinterest. My husband and I take on lots of DIY projects, so I love reading about how you have already conquered our home improvement issues.

    • I like Everleaf Etched Glass Window Film. However, my husband won’t go for it, so we would probably end up with Austin Privacy Etched Glass or Lite Frost Privacy Window Film.

    •We were actually just researching privacy film this weekend for our master bedroom…We end up keeping our drapes closed all the time to avoid flashing the rec center located across the street. Right now there is a steady stream of children and families that can see into our window from the rec center and playground, and because we are on the corner, you can see into our bedroom all the way down the block!

  13. tammy
    tammy says:

    We are building right now, and have a first story bathroom window that would really be a great place to use this product! Love your blog, am a recent subscriber

  14. Jenny squawk
    Jenny squawk says:

    We need wallpaper for windows because we live on a busy street. Have too many windows. And we walk around scantily clad all the time. My girls are young and sometimes its pant-less day/week/month. I’m alsoknown to run through the house after a shower because one of my kids is screaming at the bottom of the stairs. usually its a Barbie wardrobe malfunction.

  15. Sissy
    Sissy says:

    I’m totally a flasher. We rent and apt and have horrible metal blinds in the bathroom. I’ve been thinking about frosting the windows for some time, but have to do it with a temporary application like Wallpaper for Windows.

    My favorite thing about their site is that the pin-up girls are listed right next to the religious cross designs…I would go for the plain frosted look and carve my own design into it like you did. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Jennifer Hutchinson
    Jennifer Hutchinson says:

    My laundry room is off the florida room, which is floor to ceiling windows, walking to the dryer in the morning, because I was too lazy to fold the clothes in my towel… you see I surely need these! 🙂
    ~Jen @ hutchinsonherd.blogspot.com

  17. Tahnya Marie
    Tahnya Marie says:

    *Already an email follower… Have been since I discovered you on Pinterest and have been an avid follower since.

    *I love the Monterey Sun Stained Glass Privacy Window Film, the yellow would be a great addition for colour where I live…

    *Why do I need this? Well my hubby and I live in a basement apartment. I have done all I can to brighten it up. I painted all the walls cloud white and put all new light fixtures in. All the doors are glass, so as to let the most amount of light in. The problem with this though, is that, there is no privacy, same goes for our windows. Putting up wallpaper fpr windows would mean, that we get both the privacy, and the much needed light, especially since our living room has no windows, we rely on the two joining rooms for light through the glass doors.

  18. Lisa Atherton
    Lisa Atherton says:

    I like the white frosted film. I especially like the video on their website than compares and contrasts the frosted and the light frosted. It answered the very questions I was thinking.

  19. Kristin
    Kristin says:

    I have these two windows in my kitchen, they’re placed funny and I have no idea what to do with them…I just know I don’t like the people from the bus barn looking in!!

  20. Lisa Atherton
    Lisa Atherton says:

    Seems like I’m always going (in the buff) from the shower to the clothes dryer, past the window in the front door. I know one of these days my sons’s teenage friends are going to be standing there. And then I’m going to have to move to another country or planet because I’ll be so embarrassed.

  21. Karin
    Karin says:

    I need wallpaper for windows for the windows next to my front door, I have a small curtain with magnetic curtain rods there right now but my hubby hates them. I was thinking about using vinyl from my cameo to create a design, because like you I like having the light from the window but don’t want anyone who come to the door to be able to see in. Hope I win!

  22. Sheri C
    Sheri C says:

    First I want to thank you for all the entertainment you give me on a daily basis reading your blog! You are extremely talented and I thank you for sharing that with us. I am a follower of your blog and it is one I look for first when I go to my computer to read them.

  23. Sheri C
    Sheri C says:

    My reason for wanting the privacy that Wallpaper for Windows provides is that the area we live in, our houses are 10 feet apart!! That is 5′ on each side of the property line and there is absolutely NO PRIVACY anywhere … you would think we would have paid more attention when we bought the house. Wallpaper for Windows would look wonderful in my kitchen window so the neighbors don’t see our peep showin the mornings. (We don’t have any children or wnyone living with us!) Thanks for the chance to win this great new product!

  24. Christie
    Christie says:

    I enjoy all the nifty ideas you come up with! I have used this paper on my garage windows for privacy while working out late at night. Love how you have made the tree design, maybe I need to do this in my bath also!

    • Christie
      Christie says:

      I have double windows over my bathtub that look out to a not so desireable view of a asphalt driveway. I love the frosted paper for the tree cut design you did in your bath. My other windows have a view of the woods, so the trees would be a perfect choice!

  25. Katie
    Katie says:

    I need wallpaper for my windows because I never open the blinds in my bedroom for fear of flashing the world. Consequently, my bedroom is usually pretty dark. I need to lighten up!

  26. Amber
    Amber says:

    We have a window on either side of our front door, so everyone can see into our house as they walk up, there’s no privacy so I really need to get those windows covered!

  27. brenda
    brenda says:

    i am already a follower via email.
    The reason we could be using the privacy wallpaper is not just for the privacy but to cut down on the amount of light that comes into our homw. Due to a thyroid condition my eyes are hyperensitive to light. This would surely solve my need to cut down on brightness but also allow for my hsb’s being able to enjoy seeing out…

  28. Alyssa
    Alyssa says:

    I absolutely love this idea. I have a sliding glass door in my house that has too thin of a ledge? (the area to hang shades. I dont want to hang full length curtains either because the door gets used a lot. The door gets walked in front of by all members of my family in their unmentionables or even birthday suits as well. This has been a huge mystery for me lately. Thank you for solving that problem. So excited, I will defiantly be purchasing something, if I don’t win LOL

    I also love the design. I painted that almost exact design on one wall in my master bedroom. You can see it at smittenlife.com

    Thanks for sharing

  29. Alyssa
    Alyssa says:

    i would love to buy or win 🙂 the Frosted Glass Window Film.
    I wonder if it would be just as easy to cut a design in the frosted film, like it was for the tinted film as you showed.

  30. Kori
    Kori says:

    Just checked out the Wallpaper for Windows site and I love the Deco Spots! They’re fun and can cover a bunch of window without blocking all the light (since I don’t think I’m as handy with an exacto knife as you are – how cute were your trees!?).

  31. Kori
    Kori says:

    I love this idea for my bedroom window! My bedroom has a large beautiful window that lets in a ton of natural light, but that, unfortunately, is on the ground floor and faces the street. I like to leave the blinds open and enjoy the sun, but I’ve caught myself many times going in to make a quick clothing change and forgetting that the rest of the world can see me! I’ve tried putting up sheers, but have found that the cats find them just too tempting 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this product with us! Whether or not I win its a problem solver for me!

  32. Maralee
    Maralee says:

    I like having the blinds open in our room to let light in, but you can see into our bedroom from all they way down the street! Would love to have the blinds open and not worry about blinding everyone 🙂

  33. Roxanne Lucchesi
    Roxanne Lucchesi says:

    There are quite a few nice patterns. I think I like the Charleston Stained Glass Border best.

    I like letting the light in and seeing the critters outside, too.

  34. Sandra
    Sandra says:

    Hey Brittany… someone on hometalk.com was asking about a privacy film for their door. I copied a link to this post in response to their question. I hope you don’t mind. Regards, Sandra

  35. Becky Kuehn
    Becky Kuehn says:

    What a wonderful idea, so inspiring. I did a faux stained glass on 2 side windows of my front door years ago using Elmer’s glue and food coloring. It was very time consuming but so beautiful when it was done. This would make it so much easier! I will be passing this on to my family and friends! I am now a new follower of yours! Thank you so much!

  36. dragongirl
    dragongirl says:

    I’m ‘trying’ not to be a flasher in my living room, which has not only sliding glass windows, but also 3 small windows next to the door. The 3 door windows need coverings like what is offered at Wallpaper for Windows!! Would love to win.

  37. dragongirl
    dragongirl says:

    After visiting Wallpaper for Windows website, which I hadn’t heard of before, I fell in love with their stained glass papers. Especially the “Savannah Privacy”. Would really love to win this so I could purchase some.

  38. Judith Westerfield
    Judith Westerfield says:

    OOOOh my gosh – we literally JUST put in new windows in both bathrooms and new one-lite french doors: front door, garage and bedrooms — ALL are clear glass. My husband and I are flashing the whole neighborhood (and each other) in every room of the house. I’ve been trying to figure out what to do.

    I’m tempted to go with the WallPaper for Windows Nude Women in the bathrooms and the front door so as not to disappoint the neighbors. I particularly think the neighbors will like the different poses.

  39. Kelly Maatman
    Kelly Maatman says:

    I need wallpaper on my windows because we live on a lake where there is no such thing as privacy. I literally moved my big screen TV because boaters could see what I was watching while they cruised by. I’m not one to watch porn, but I even became embarrassed and paranoid by what commercials came on. My husband even started in on the joke by replaying “adult” parts of movies when he saw neighbors coming by.

  40. JennyInBloom
    JennyInBloom says:

    OK, bullet point number 2- I love the stained glass, especially the Monterey. We live in a 90 year old house, so the look would be perfect! I do stained glass mosaics, too, but I haven’t gotten around to learning the leading and soldering of actually stained glass yet….

  41. JennyInBloom
    JennyInBloom says:

    As for why I could really use it? Well, we live on 1/16 of an acre, so my right side neighbor is 10 feet away, and the left one 15 feet away. My back door is a French Door, and I can see into my neighbor’s kitchen in the back (and they into ours). I am not usually the one to flash the neighbors, but my husband actually perfers to walk around in his boxers. I am sure that the neighbors would appreciate something a little prettier to look at! thanks for such a fun contest- I hope that I win. 😉

  42. Kimberly
    Kimberly says:

    I love this idea! I have two small windows next to my front door on ehich this would definitely be eye candy. And allow me to get rid of those temporary stick up blinds!

  43. Renee
    Renee says:

    Love this! We have been looking at the big box stores for some privacy film and haven’t found anything that matches our style. Love your idea with the tinted film & cut out trees, might just have to to duplicate this! We acquired some new neighbors as a street was added behind our house. I put up heavy curtains to get us thro the winter, but we’d rather have some kind of privacy film up so we can still see sunlight. Might have to steal your idea…

  44. Shawnie
    Shawnie says:

    I’ve been a follower. I desperately need to shield my neighbors eyes as I’m a total flasher every morning when I make my coffee before getting dressed. We’ve got a bay window off the breakfast nook and I’m afraid when my neighbor takes his dogs for walks in the morning, he gets a real eye opener .

  45. mary fanara coleman
    mary fanara coleman says:

    I’ve been a flasher for about 15yrs.I have a 92yr old home colonial with tons of windows & panes (old style w/wood frames) Lots facing the street. I would feel much more comfortable with this.Thanks for the idea. And I’m a new fan.

  46. sandye
    sandye says:

    I’m a flasher! Well, not really but I would be if I didn’t keep my bathroom blinds closed! Previous owners used something to paint the glass and it’s now all faded and needs to be scraped off and I’d love to be able to replace it with something pretty.
    Love the tutorial and the graphic shapes really adds something special! 🙂

  47. Cassandra
    Cassandra says:

    *I am also guilty of the occasional un-planned peep show. We are moving to a home with 6 french doors! I can’t horrify the new neighbors before I even meet them!

  48. Jess
    Jess says:

    I love the eden etched glass film for privacy and could really use it! My only bathroom has a window in the wall where the tub is. I tried spray on faux etch finish from the hardware store and it cracks. It would also be great to cover the front door with something that lets light in and my cat could still see out.

  49. Carol
    Carol says:

    These posts have given me the confidence to take on this DIY project—Thanks!
    Tackling a bathroom window privacy needed–can’t decide if light frost will give the privacy we need. I don’t want to give up light feel in the room with heavy frost. Any thoughts?

  50. Davona Parisher
    Davona Parisher says:

    FYI – If you are looking for the frosted look and plan on cutting out a design, clear contact paper works the exact same way. Clear contact paper is frosted and doesn’t require nearly as much prep work.


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