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Quick and Easy Bookcase Facelift – I’ve Got Your Back

Now that my re-upholstered office chair is complete, I wanted to address the dark looming bookcase that I sit next to. I am obsessed with natural light and the color of a room can really effect my mood. We recently painted our office and had ceiling lights installed in the ceiling. Anyone else out there […]

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Make Me Beautiful – The Painting Step

Today I’ll show you the painting technique I used on the chair I stripped yesterday. Here is a list of suggested materials: Tarp or drop cloth Brush Primer Rubber gloves Sandpaper (Fine & Medium grits) Spray paint (optional handle adapter to prevent hand cramps and spray on your fingers) Dust mask White paint Brown acrylic […]


Welcome to My First Blog Post!

Thank you for visiting PrettyHandyGirl.com. This blog is for anyone who wishes they were handy and could make their own repairs, upgrades or become a true DIY-er at home. I have always enjoyed beautifying things, especially my home. My idea of a relaxing day is working in my garage (aka workshop) and building something. The […]