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Beach-themed Succulent Garden | Pretty Handy Girl

You like the beach right? Who doesn’t?! Come December I long for the feeling of burying my toes in the warm sand. Bring back those memories by having a Beach-Themed Desktop Succulent Garden nearby. The idea for this garden came as I sat looking at all the shells I’ve collected that were hidden away in the attic. I chose a big conch shell that had few holes and decided it would make a great little planter.


  • Succulents
  • Conch shell
  • Smaller shells, beach glass or colored glass filler
  • Play sand
  • Potting soil
  • Plant tray

Optional: Hot glue gun, hot glue sticks, felt pads


Let me start by saying that this was a bit of a craft fail at first. I had intended to use the conch shell as the planting vessel alone and hoped it would hold any little water that was given to the succulent. But, ultimately my shell had a slow leak probably because it had too many holes. I ended up seating my shell in a tray of sand to protect my desktop from water. However, I’m not convinced that a conch shell wouldn’t hold water if I used a different shell. 

Fill any holes in the bottom of your conch shell with hot glue.

Beach-themed Succulent Garden | Pretty Handy Girl

Turn the shell over and add felt pads as feet.

Beach-themed Succulent Garden | Pretty Handy Girl

Fill the plant tray half full with play sand.

Beach-themed Succulent Garden | Pretty Handy Girl

Add potting soil and decorative shells or glass to the conch shell. Plant your succulent inside.

Beach-themed Succulent Garden | Pretty Handy Girl

Set the conch shell in the sand tray.

Beach-themed Succulent Garden | Pretty Handy Girl

Add some decorative shells and pebbles.

Beach-themed Succulent Garden | Pretty Handy Girl

Put a few more beach items in the sand and set your succulent garden on your desktop.

Beach-themed Succulent Garden | Pretty Handy Girl

Now every time you look at your little mini beach you will be transported back to the real deal.

Topsail Beach | Pretty Handy Girl

Obviously this is a tough gift to wrap. But, if you treat it like a gift basket, you could put cellophane around the tray and tie a bow at the top. This little beach-themed succulent would make the perfect gift for any gardener or plant lover. Or anyone who loves the beach ;-).

Like succulents? Here is another succulent garden and a potted succulent teacher appreciation gift idea. And if that’s not enough for you, here’s a collection of 25 Ideas for Creative Succulent Gardens and Terrariums!



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DIY Beach-Themed Succulent Garden | Pretty Handy Girl

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  1. Colleen Taylor
    Colleen Taylor says:

    That little gem of a conch shell I am keeping myself! So hand to have as a backup gift & I have plenty of succulents around here most of the time. Thanks for an awesome & very pretty idea Brittany!


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