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The Best Piece of Furniture for My Growing Son

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La-Z-Boy Leah Sleeper Chair and a Half

Can we take a moment and talk parent-to-parent? You know how parents of grown children will tell you to cherish the moments you have with your children because they grow up so fast. You know it’s true, but you can’t really fathom the speed until you look back at photos that seemed like they were taken yesterday.

That’s my oldest son in the picture above. He was 7 in that photo. Today he is 11 going on 12 in a few months. Somethings don’t change, like his love of reading. But, his feet, his legs, his arms and his body continue to grow. And his brain? I gave up trying to help him with his math homework this year. And, I can’t outsmart this tween anymore, he cataloged his Halloween candy so I can’t sneak any.

I recognize that we only have a short time before this boy towers over me. In a mere blink of the eye, his room will be empty while he’s away at college.

La-Z-Boy Leah Sleeper Chair and a Half

Soon he’ll be packing up his things to bring with him as he moves out of the house. That’s when I will remind him that this amazing La-Z-Boy Leah Supreme Comfort Twin Sleep Chair is his to take with him. As a brand ambassador for La-Z-Boy I was allowed to pick out one piece of furniture for our home.

La-Z-Boy Leah Sleeper Chair and a Half

I took my son to a La-Z-Boy showroom a month ago and let him look at the four models of twin sleeper chairs. He chose the Leah because the arms are the perfect height to act as head rests while he curls up to read. I had pre-measured the space under his bunk bed turned into a loft bed and knew this chair and a half would fit perfectly. I can’t say as much for him fitting sideways on this chair much longer. Those legs…like a weed I tell you!

La-Z-Boy Leah Sleeper Chair and a Half

He chose the super soft and luxurious Piccolo fabric which is the same fabric we have on our sofa in the living room. This is a knitted micro-denier velvet-like fabric that offers excellent stain resistance and easy cleaning while also having a heavy-duty wear rating. That’s a must for a messy boy. He also chose the throw pillow that coordinates with his new chair. I think it’s very stylish for a teen boy.

La-Z-Boy Leah Sleeper Chair and a Half

When he has a friend spend the night we can open the chair into a twin size bed.

La-Z-Boy Leah Sleeper Chair and a Half

La-Z-Boy Leah Sleeper Chair and a Half

La-Z-Boy Leah Sleeper Chair and a Half

La-Z-Boy Leah Sleeper Chair and a Half

This is the perfect chair for a growing boy. Someday this sturdy well-made chair can be in his first apartment. And he can pull it out when he needs an extra bed for a friend. (I can’t even say the g-friend word yet because I’m still in denial that someday a woman will take my little boy’s heart.)

Until then, I’m going to be giving this kid of mine some extra hugs and kisses — and laugh as he tries to wipe them off.

La-Z-Boy Leah Sleeper Chair and a Half

Because I know his boyhood is fleeting and soon he will be flying out of the nest.

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How about you? Do you have children that are growing up too fast? Or are your children already grown? Let’s pass the tissue box and share today.


Disclosure: I am a brand ambassador for La-Z-Boy and received complimentary products. I was not told what to write or say about La-Z-Boy furniture. All opinions are my own. I am very particular about the brands I work with and will only share with you the best of the best brands and products. You will always be informed of any relationships I have with a brand on PrettyHandyGirl.com.

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  1. Julie W
    Julie W says:

    My oldest is going on 11 next month, so I feel your pain! I love the chair…If he didn’t need a queen sized bed (he’s already 5’3″!) we’d have plenty of room for it. Darn these small rooms! Besides, I’m sure the other two boys would have something to say about him getting a “couch” in his room LOL.

    I love what he picked – very sophisticated!

  2. Colleen Taylor
    Colleen Taylor says:

    My children are grown up, long gone & have children of their own. In some ways the best time were then but when I see how they have grown into successful adults raising their own families, it’s the absolute height of happiness. Treasure them when they are little & yes it does fly faster than you can even imagine. I’ve been there when you think at certain difficult times & stages, if only this was over but try not to. It all passes too quickly. X

  3. Leen
    Leen says:

    Perfect timing! I am searching for a sleeper chair to put in my studio so when our college boy is home he has a space of his own (he doesn’t seem too interested in sleeping in the family room, go figure!). Your Leah chair is the perfect size for my space and I love all the color and fabric options! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Karen Marie Kedzuch
    Karen Marie Kedzuch says:

    I have watched those fleeting moments of boyhood in my house. The La-Z-Boy choice you made is a great idea.
    Happy Creating,
    Karen Marie
    PS. Welcome to Larissa as a contributor to PHG. She is talented and will be a great addition to your site.


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