50 plus pallet wood projects you can make Pinterest Image50+ Pallet Wood Projects You Can Make!

Do you have a spare pallet lying around from that last large shipment? Or maybe you know somewhere to get free or inexpensive pallets? If you do, here are more than 50 Pallet Wood Projects that you can make with your own two hands!


Bread Crate Cubby Display Shelves

Create Bread Crate Cubby Display Shelves for any room in the house.


How to Create a New Tabletop from Pallet Wood by Shoppe No 5

How To Create A New Table Top instead of throwing out a table.


DIY Pallet Bookshelf by LollyJane

Make a DIY Pallet Bookshelf for your kids’ bedroom or an office.


DIY Wine Glass Carrier by Art is Beauty

Make this gorgeous rustic DIY Wine Glass Carrier to use when serving your guest a glass.


DIY Worm Compost Bin by SweethingsHave you ever tried composting? This DIY Worm Compost Bin For Vermicomposting is an awesome idea.


Pallet Potting Table by Refresh RestyleBuild this Pallet Potting Table to help you complete your gardening goals this year.


How to Build a Wood Deck Cooler by Fox Hollow CottageMake a Wood Deck Cooler before your next outdoor party.


Super Easy Pallet Couch DIY by Boondocks BlogKeep your pallets mostly intact and make this Super Easy Pallet Couch for some cozy outdoor lounging.


How to Make a Pallet into a Round Circle Shape by Fox Hollow CottageLearn how to Make Pallet Wood Into A Round Circle Shape that can be used to decorate any room.


Build this clever DIY Pallet Shelf to help turn your house into a HOME.


Coastal Whale Palette Art by Fox Hollow CottageCreate this DIY Whale Silhouette Coastal Pallet Art if you love bringing the feel of the beach into your home.


Before December arrives make this festive Scrap Wood Christmas Tree.


Start Being Awesome Typography Art by House of HepworthsCreate a “Start Being Awesome” Typography Art for your home as a motivating reminder to all.


DIY Coastal Whale Coat RackThis DIY Coastal Whale Coat Rack would be perfect for a beach home.


DIY Nautical Pallet Wood Coat Rack by Artsy Chicks RuleAn alternative option for a beach-themed home would be this gorgeous DIY Nautical Pallet Wood Coat Rack.


DIY Rustic Pallet Frames by Little House of FourDisplay your favorite photos with these beautiful DIY Rustic Pallet Frames.


Rustic Wooden Advent Calendar made from Pallets by Hazel + Gold Designs

Another holiday project, this Customizable Rustic Wooden Advent Calendar is a great way to countdown in December.


Reclaimed Wood Wall Hook Vase by Pretty Handy GirlBuild this Reclaimed Wood Wall Hook & Vase to add some functional beauty near your door.


Rustic Wood Bathtub Tray by Pretty Handy GirlA Rustic Wood Bathtub Tray would be the perfect luxurious addition to your bathroom.


How to Make a Vintage Rustic Sleigh Ride Sign by Pretty Handy GirlDecorate your holiday mantle with a DIY Vintage Rustic Sleigh Ride Sign.


DIY Farmhouse Sign by Making ManzanitaDIY Farmhouse Sign With Pallet Wood And Repurposed Lug Wrench


Build a Vintage Produce Crate Centerpiece without Power Tools by Pretty Handy GirlLearn how to Build A Vintage Produce Crate Centerpiece full of rustic beauty for your tablescape.


How to Make a Driftwood Gift Crate by Pretty Handy GirlMake A Driftwood Gift Crate to take your next gift to a whole new level.


Painted Wood Pallet Garden by Pillar Box BlueHow To Make A Beautiful Painted Wood Pallet Planter for your yard or porch.


Install Pallet Bookshelves by Where the Smiles Have BeenHow To Make And Install Pallet Bookshelves With Knobs to organize your kids’ books and toys.


Pallet Art Shark by Sand and SisalAdd some edgy Shark Pallet Art to your wall.


Printed Map Pallet FrameMake A Stunning Printed Map Picture Frame to display your ever-changing family photos.


Pallet Blanket Ladder by Farmhouse Made Store and display your favorite blankets on this Easy Pallet Blanket Ladder.


DIY Potting Bench by Amber OliverCreate an amazing DIY Potting Bench like this to work at every year when springtime arrives.


Pallet Planter Privacy Screen by Designers Sweet SpotPallet Planter And Privacy Screen is a fun way to block others’ view to your patio.


How to Make Farmhouse Style Pallet Wood Frames by Create and BabbleHow To Make Farmhouse Style Pallet Wood Frames for a rustic and colorful touch to your decor.


DIY Outdoor Couch Pallet Project by Amber OliverAdd some comfort to your patio with this modern style DIY Outdoor Couch.


Flower Planter Box from Pallets by A Turtle's Life for MeMake a huge statement on your front porch with these Flower Planters using Free Pallets.


Create Rustic Wood King Headboard by Pretty Handy GirlUse a few pallets to Create A Rustic Wood King Headboard for your bedroom.


DIY Nautical Towel Rack by Pretty Handy GirlIf you have a pool, make this DIY Nautical Towel Rack to keep things organized poolside.


DIY Feather Art by Pretty Handy GirlCreate some rustic and beautiful DIY Feather Art. 


DIY Framed Pumpkins by Pretty Handy Girl

Make these DIY Framed Pumpkins, perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving!


How to Install a Scrap Wood Wall by Pretty Handy GirlLearn How To Install A Scrap Wood Wall to create a gorgeous accent wall in your home.


pallet love - pallet wood ideasHere are a bunch of DIY Pallet Projects By East Coast Creative.


Building Porch Swing with Pallet Wood by Pretty Handy GirlCreate a DIY Porch Swing Using Pallet Wood for your outdoor oasis.


DIY Pallet Slat Bin by Pretty Handy GirlCreate a DIY Pallet Slat Bin to hang on your door or use as a centerpiece.


rustic pallet serving tray by pretty handy girlCreate this gorgeous Rustic Pallet Serving Tray for your next brunch or party.


Make an Air Conditioner Screen with Pallets by Pretty Handy GirlMake An Air Conditioner Screen From Pallets to hide that ugly beast of an appliance.


DIY Pallet Plaques by Oh My CreativeThese cute DIY Pallet Plaques are perfect for displaying photos.


DIY Pallet Coffee Table by The Merry ThoughtBuild this stunning and rustic DIY Pallet Coffee Table for your living room.


Tropical Pallet Living Wall by A Piece of RainbowLove vertical planters? Make this DIY Tropical Pallet Living Wall.


DIY Pallet Wood Hose Holder with Planter by DIY CandyBuild some beautiful storage with this DIY Pallet Wood Hose Holder With Planter.

DIY Distressed Headboard How To Make A DIY Distressed Headboard for a beautiful rustic addition to your bedroom.


Super Easy Pallet Sofa Table by Twelve on MainMake A Super Easy Pallet Table for a huge conversation piece in your living space.


Pallet Wood Wall Hooks by Love and RenovationsThis DIY Kids Wall Hooks From Pallet Wood would be great, much-needed storage for any kids room!


DIY Rustic Pallet Wood Flag

Show your patriotism this July by making a DIY Rustic Pallet Wood Flag.

Now that you’ve been inspired, here’s how to harvest that pallet wood:

How to Salvage Wood From Pallets How To Salvage Wood From Shipping Pallets.

I hope you got some great inspiration from all of these pallet wood creations. Re-using pallet wood is a great way to save money and get a unique rustic feature for your home that you built yourself! Which is your favorite? I’d love to hear in the comments. Thank you for reading and feel free to share this post! Pin this image so you can refer back to this post!

50 plus pallet wood projects you can make Pinterest Image

Liked this collection of ideas? If so, you’ll love this round up of Scrap Wood Projects:

71 Practically FREE Scrap Wood Projects

How to Turn a Desk Organizer into a Charging StationHow to Turn a Desk Organizer into a Charging Station

Do you have multiple devices that need charging every day, but they are cluttering up your counter or table? Luckily I have the answer to that problem and it involves this simple desk organizer.

Would you believe that wooden organizer is now a stylish charging station!

Here’s what a typical desk organizer holds. Functional? Maybe, but by thinking outside the box I came up with an even more useful option for our home.


(I’ve included affiliate links for your convenience. I earn a small percentage from a purchase using these links. There is no additional cost to you. You can read more about affiliate links here.)


(I’ve included affiliate links for your convenience. I earn a small percentage from a purchase using these links. There is no additional cost to you. You can read more about affiliate links here.)


Follow this simple video tutorial (or read below for the step-by-step instructions.)

Start by giving your organizer a good cleaning. Make sure there is no dust or dirt.

Wipe out Desk Organizer

Place all your devices into the organizer to determine where you want them to rest when charging. Next, plan where you want the USB charger to go.

Test fit devices

Mark the spot where the charger cord will need to come through the back of the organizer by tracing around the plug end.

draw around plug end of cord

Determine the size of bit you need to create the holes for the plug. You want it to be about the same size as the width of the plug. (Depending on the shape and size of your plug, you may need to drill two holes next to one another.)

Choose drill bit the width of one of the plug holes.

Put on your safety glasses. Drill the plug hole. Be careful not to let the bit sink too deep into the organizer to prevent damage to the other sections.

Drill through back of organizer for plug

Insert your USB charger cord into the hole to make sure it fits. Wipe off any sawdust and sand any rough edges.

Test fit plug in newly drilled hole.

Paint your organizer any color you desire. I highly recommend using at least two coats of paint.

paint organizer if desired

After the first coat of paint dries, lightly sand it before applying the second coat.

Lightly sand between coats

Optional: You may wish to use a vinyl cutter to create some fun lettering for your charging station.

Add vinyl lettering "in charge"

Place your USB charger into the organizer. Insert the cord through the back and plug it into the charger.  Use adhesive velcro to attach the charger to the inside of the organizer.

Slide charger into slot and adhere with double sided velcro.

Time to plug in all your devices and get them powered up!

Now you have a beautiful and stylish charging station to organize your devices and keep them from cluttering your kitchen counters.

I hope you love this charging station as much as I do.

I’m curious where you charge your devices? Is the kitchen where they all get deposited or have I been doing this all wrong?

If you like this tutorial, you might also like this Industrial Charging Station & Lock Box.

Industrial Charging Station and Lock Box | Pretty Handy Girl

Or these creative paint brush or pencil holder using scrap 2×4’s:

Create Art Utensil and Pencil holders


creative ways to repurpose old shutters - social media image

Do you have a collection of old shutters filling up your storage space? Or do you want some ideas using old shutters in case you come across a set? If so, this post is for you! I’ve put together 13 creative ideas on how you can repurpose old shutters and turn them into something  amazing.

Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Shutters:

repurpose old shutters - dresser makeover - savvyapron.com

Give an old dresser a gorgeous makeover using old shutters like Savvy Apron!


Repurpose old shutters - doggie door -11 magnolia lane

Keep your pets out of trouble by building a doggie gate from old plantation shutters like 11 Magnolia Lane.


shutters display christmas cards

Make a holiday card display with some old, tall shutters this December.


Old Shutters as backdrop on mantel

Use old shutters as a backdrop for your mantel to add a gorgeous farmhouse feel.


repurpose old shutters - Shutter To Do Board - huntandhost.net

Stay organized with a Shutter To-Do Board like Hunt and Host made.


old shutters as photo display

Use an old shutter to display your family photos or postcards!


repurpose old shutters - privacy screen - diybungalow.com

Gain some privacy in your backyard by building a fence out of old shutters like DIY Bungalow did!


Use old shutters to dress up a plain dormer window on the inside of your home.


repurpose old shutters - works of art - shoppeno5.com

Shoppe No. 5 shows us how to make some amazing word art using old shutters.


repurpose old shutters - fireplace cover - shabbyfufublog.com

Get some inspiration for using shutters to brighten up a dark fireplace at Shabby FuFu Blog.


repurpose old shutters - cleaning up with shutter doors - DesignDreamsbyAnne.blogspot.ca

Use old louvered bi-fold doors like Design Dreams by Anne to hide the clutter and make the space more beautiful.


repurpose old shutters - add character to windows in bedroom - Chatfield Court.com

Shutters can go indoors too, adding texture and contrast to a room like Chatfield Court.


repurpose old shutters - jewelry organizer - DesignDreamsbyAnne.com

Keep your jewelry in sight and mess-free, with this beautiful old shutter jewelry organizer by Design Dreams by Anne.


If you liked this collection of ideas, pin this image to share it with others!

creative ways to repurpose old shutters - pinterest image

If you liked this post, you must see these upcycled ideas:

upcycled holiday decor

12 Great Upcycled Ideas for Holiday Decor


6 of the Easiest Ways to Remove Pallet Wood6 of the Easiest Ways to Remove Pallet Wood

Last week I shared with you the cold hard facts about harvesting pallet wood. But, like you, I still like to use pallet wood from time to time. Just make sure you’ve weighed the risks and the work involved to harvest the pallet wood before you get started. Today I’m going to show you 6 of the Easiest Ways to Remove Pallet Wood. If you’re up for the challenge, let’s get started.

How to Make an Air Conditioner Screen from Pallets

Pallet upcycling is all the rage today. But, if you’ve ever tried to remove the planks from a pallet, you know it’s not an easy task. Pallet nails are typically spiral nails and are designed to grip that wood with fierce strength. If that’s not enough, there can be 4-5 nails per joint. Sheesh, you’d think pallets were built to hold a 10 ton elephant. Well, actually, it is made to hold tons of product as it is lifted by a fork lift. Which explains why harvesting pallet wood can be labor intensive.

To save you time, sweat, and a backache; here are the quickest and easiest ways I’ve found to salvage beautiful rustic pallet wood. Read more

If you make things out of wood you know almost every project leaves scrap wood. Why not use up those scraps by making some of these 71 Practically FREE Scrap Wood Projects?

71 Practically FREE Scrap Wood Projects71 Practically FREE Scrap Wood Projects

These projects definitely won’t break the bank and they will keep the scraps out of the trash. As a bonus, most make a great gift idea. Enjoy!

build your own rustic wood bathtub tray pinRelax in style with this Rustic Wood Bathtub Tray.

rustic serving tray tulips

 This Rustic Pallet Serving Tray is beautiful and functional.

DIY yard diceHave some family fun with these DIY Yard Dice.

switches and locks board 3Make this Switches and Locks Playboard for a little one in your life.

create art block holdersSimple Create Art Block Holders for your craft area or to give as a gift.

DIY feather artMake this unique and clever DIY Feather Art using old yardsticks and scraps.

rustic wooden caddy with branch handleThis cute Rustic Wooden Caddy with Branch Handle can hold anything.

How to make an easy scrap wood fall sign

Celebrate fall with a beautiful DIY Fall Leaf Art Sign.

white washed window boxMake this White Washed Window Box from a discarded wine crate.

coffee serving tray mapLove your city? Create the perfect Coffee Serving Map Tray.

personalized wall shelf A few boards are all you need to make this Personalized Wall Shelf with loads of storage.

house shaped mailbox promoBuild an adorable House-shaped Mailbox.

house shape door decor Forget a wreath, remind everyone that home is where the heart is with this House-shaped Door Decor.

one board organization storageAll these amazing Storage Options using just one board!

diy drawer dividersGet organized with these simple DIY Drawer Dividers.

Wooden sign teacher giftShow your appreciation to a teacher with this Wooden Sign Teacher Gift.

bunny place cards Brighten up your Springtime table with these Bunny Place Cards.

Mousetrap Memo Trap FinalRepurpose and make a Mousetrap Memo Pad.

valentines wreath branches close up wood heart wreathMake a Valentines Wreath from tree branches for a loved one.

Bailey Farm Crate End Sign Customize this Rustic Farm Crate Sign for your home using new scrap wood (plus, learn how to age the wood.)

Decorative Crown Molding Make this Decorative Shelf using Crown Molding.

lollipop stand This DIY Lollipop Stand is sure to be a hit at your next party.

valentine string art all you need is love wood artShare your love with this Valentine String Art Engraving.

Marble tossThis DIY Marble Toss Game would be fun for anyone.

kids scooter clearanceBe the coolest parent around by making these DIY Kids Scooters.

jewelry organizer bowlsA Jewelry Organizer is simple yet a must-have.

diy produce rackOrganize your fruits and veggies with this DIY Produce Rack.

owl bookends These whimsical DIY Owl Bookends add fun to any room.

state pride magnetic key holder Keep your keys close at hand with this magic State Pride Magnetic Key Holder.

snowflake christmas trivetsThese Snowflake Christmas Trivets are perfect for your holiday dinner.

spider stool What kid wouldn’t love this DIY Spider Stool?

apple pencil holder An Apple Pencil Holder would make a great gift for your favorite teacher.

door stop with handle This Doorstop With a Handle makes an adorable stop that also helps keep your door open.

Rustic Home sign Super cute! This Rustic Home Sign can be made in any size using scrap wood.

close up rusted sleigh bellsCreate a Vintage Rustic Sleigh Ride Sign for perfect holiday decor.

framed pumpkins Add some character to your room this fall with Framed Pumpkins.

Gold and marble coasters Anikas DIY Life final These Easy Gold and Faux Marble Coasters are modern, clean and you can make them with scrap wood!

4x4 wood block framesMake these incredibly simple 4×4 Picture Frames to display your memories.

Crate Christmas tree boxForget the skirt, make a Christmas Tree Crate to hold your tree.

plans to build a lost and found centerHave a fair amount of scraps? Make this Lost and Found Center for your local school.

DIY Rolling Plant Caddy by Brittany Goldwyn Make a Rolling Plant Caddy so you never have to carry heavy planters again.

DIY candle lantern final with fireplace This Candle Lantern From Leftover Trim is sleek and modern.

karate belt display final Does your kid need a DIY Karate Belt Display? Make one easily!

Modern Cat Scratcher DIY Your furry friend will love this DIY Cat Scratcher Post.

folding-rustic-wood-guitar-standMake this Folding Guitar Stand to keep your instrument accessible.

animal-toddler-stoolsThese adorable Toddler Animal Stools would be loved by any child in your life.

are_you_woman_enough_signMake this Are you Woman Enough? Plywood Sign for your shop, or customize the wording easily.

rustic-trays-gift-box-top-view-2Make a Tray Gift Box for your next present.

rustic-king-headboard-side-viewThis Rustic Wood King Headboard is simple and affordable.

citrus-decor-with-lemonade-768x599Make this fun summer display for a party or lemonade stand. Who doesn’t love Giant Citrus Fruit?

hot-wheel-matchbox_race_track_promoLet the kids play for hours with this Hot Wheels Car Racing Ramp.

wood-copper-cake-stand-1Create this Wood and Copper Cake Stand for an awesome display of your baking masterpiece.

fabric-wood-coasters-wrappedRustic and soft Fabric and Wood Coasters are easy to make for gifts.

rustic-wooden-crates-in-cabinet-straight-onBuild some Rustic Wooden Box Crates for your cabinet or shelf.

wood-block-picture-framesHow sweet are these Floating Wood Block Picture Frames?

easy-wooden-chalkboard-sign-christmas-countdownYou can make this Easy Wooden Chalkboard Sign for any season.

DIY-Rustic-Wood-Lanterns-e1441294338713These Rustic Wood Lanterns are the perfect decor for any room.

drift-wood-gift-crateFind free driftwood at the beach and make your own Driftwood Gift Crates.

scrap-moulding-traysEndless options with these Scrap Moulding Trays.

plywood-frames-2Wow your visitors with these Plywood Frames with Glass.

scrap_wood_christmas_treeUse various scraps to make an adorable Scrap Wood Christmas Tree this year!

reclaimed-wood-wall-hook-vase-sconceThis Reclaimed Wood Wall Hook and Vase would look great in an entryway.

scrap-wood-wall-studio_view_from_angledWith a bunch of scrap wood you could Install a Scrap Wood Wall.

scrap-wood-ipad-tray-infarrantly-creativeKeep your device upright with this Scrap Wood iPad Tray.

scrap-wood-wine-holderThis Scrap Wood Wine Holder is simple, but oh so handy.

scrap-wood-caddyKeep your tools, cleaning supplies, and so many other things organized in this Scrap Wood Caddy.

Two-tiered-plant-stand-Anikas-DIY-Life-700-3This Two Tiered Plant Stand is a modern and stylish way to display your plants.

Scrap-Wood-Ironing-Board-Rack-2450This Industrial Ironing Board Rack would save space and keep you organized.

scrap-wood-shadow-box-frameDisplay memorabilia in this awesome DIY Shadow Box Frame.

Scrap-wood-plater-Herb-Garden-BoxThis Scrap Wood Planter Box is a quick and easy way to grow your own herb garden this year.

recipe clipboard standKeep your recipes or notes at eye level with this Easy Clipboard Stand.

If you like these projects, please share! Here’s an image you can pin it on Pinterest:

71 Practically FREE Scrap Wood Projects

Which were your favorite scrap wood projects? And other ideas you have for using up scrap wood? I’d love to hear it.

71 Practically FREE Scrap Wood Projects

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35 Upcycled Gift Ideas | Pretty Handy Girl

35 Upcycled DIY Gift Ideas

25 Tabletop Garden Terrariums

25 Ideas for Tabletop Gardens and Terrariums

20 Upcycled Ideas for Recycled Glass Jars and Bottles | Pretty Handy Girl

I have a hard time throwing away glass bottles and jars. Even though I recycle glass, I see amazing potential for those pretty glasses and jars. With that confession out of the way, I have 20 Upcycled Recycled Glass Crafts to share with you today.

Painted recycled glass jars and bottles give them a colorful new look. Luckily, you aren’t restricted to just one type of paint. Available options are chalk paint, glass frosting paint, even straight latex paint will work if you prime your surface first. Here are a few ways to paint recycled glass jars and bottles:

Farmhouse Painted (chalk like paint) Jar Vases | Pretty Handy Girl

Shabby Chic Chalk Painted Vases

Radiant Orchid Vases from Recycled Cans & Jars | #upcycling | Pretty Handy Girl

Paint and Gold Striped Vases


Spraypainted Bottle Vases

Spray Painted Recycled Bottles


Frosted and etched bottles can give a classy look to your recycled bottles. Try one of these techniques to transform your recyclables into collectible vases or dispensers:

Frosted Vases from the Recycling Bin | Pretty Handy GirlGlass Frosting Spray Painted Bottles


Upcycle some old milk bottles or glass containers into these beautiful and chic Glass Etched Vases!

Etched Vases using Etching Cream


Faux Etched Soap Dispenser

Faux Etched Soap Dispenser


It’s amazing how easy it is to transform regular recycled glass with a few embellishments. Use paper, beads, wires, washi tape, glitter and more to make a recyclable a collectible!

Holiday Votive Holders


Hanging Beaded Vases


Easy Washi Tape Vases

Washi Tape Decorated Jars and Bottles


DIY Gold Leaf Vases from Recycled Bottles | Pretty Handy Girl

Gold Leaf Vases


Sometimes you can reuse those glass jars and vases to create a vase out of an object that otherwise isn’t water tight. Check out these fun ideas:

Spring Foyer Vignette | Pretty Handy Girl

Spring Showers Boot Vase


Beautiful rustic DIY decor for any room in your home!

Birch Bark Vases


Pounded Flower Paper Vase


Fake Flower Arranging

DIY Copper Sheet Metal Vase

Ready to break out the power tools? If you dare, you can transform recycled wine bottles and mason jars into something new and unique:

Wine Bottle Centerpiece


DIY Foaming Soap Dispenser


Sometimes a recycled jar or bottle doesn’t need anything but a beautiful spot to be displayed. You’ll love how easy it is to upcycle these recycled glass bottles:

Create a Living Wall Lattice Privacy Screen | Pretty Handy Girl

Living Trellis Screen


Vintage Coat Hook Wall Vase | Pretty Handy Girl Guest Post

Wall Sconce Vase


Holiday Home Tour - Kitchen | Pretty Handy Girl

Colorful Mini Light Lit Bottles


How to Build a Rustic Crate Centerpiece (No Power Tools Needed!) #DIYCourage | Pretty Handy Girl

Easy No Power Tool Table Centerpiece

Tell me, will you ever look at those recycled jars or bottles the same way again? I thought not. 😉

Frosted Vases from the Recycling Bin | Pretty Handy Girl

I love a good upcycle project, especially when it involves recycled bottles and jars. Now that Spring is here, I love cutting fresh flowers from the yard to give to friends and family. Giving flowers in a handmade vase is always a nice way to show someone they are appreciated. With that in mind, today I have a tutorial to make these adorable Frosted Glass Vases from the Recycling Bin!

Frosted Vases from the Recycling Bin | Pretty Handy Girl

Ready to get started? Here’s a few things you’ll need.


(I’ve included affiliate links for your convenience. I earn a small percentage from a purchase using these links. There is no additional cost to you. You can read more about affiliate links here.)


Preparing Recycled Jars and Bottles:

Clean out your bottles and jars with soap and water. Soak them to remove the labels. Any gummy label residue can be removed with Lemon Essential oil (my favorite non-toxic glue residue remover).

DIY Gold Leaf Vases from Recycled Bottles | Pretty Handy Girl

The lemon oil works faster and doesn’t leave any toxic or drying chemicals on your skin. But, if you don’t have any lemon essential oil on hand, use Goo Gone or rubbing alcohol (be sure to wear gloves or wash your hands immediately after use.)

DIY Gold Leaf Vases from Recycled Bottles | Pretty Handy Girl

If there are any date stamps on your bottle, you can remove it with a Q-tip and Acetone based Nail Polish.


Wrap your bottle with rubber bands, painter’s tape or stickers. Anywhere that is covered on your bottle will remain clear.

Frosted Vases from the Recycling Bin | Pretty Handy Girl

Spray a light coat of Glass Frosting spray paint on your bottles. Let dry and repeat with one to two more coats.

Frosted Vases from the Recycling Bin | Pretty Handy Girl

After the spray frosting has thoroughly dried, remove the stickers, tape or rubber bands to reveal your design.

Frosted Vases from the Recycling Bin | Pretty Handy Girl

Aren’t these beautiful Frosted Glass Vases from the Recycling Bin? It’s lots of fun to play with different patterns and textures on your bottles.

Frosted Vases from the Recycling Bin | Pretty Handy Girl

You can also add washi tape to your frosted vases for more variety.

Frosted Vases from the Recycling Bin | Pretty Handy Girl
Fill the vases with water and flowers and you are ready to give them as gifts.

Unfortunately the frosted glass vases aren’t dishwasher proof. Frankly even a light washing will probably remove the glass frosting. But, they make quick and easy gift vases to make in a few minutes for next to nothing. If you want a more permanently frosted vase, try these DIY Glass Etched Vases:

Upcycle some old milk bottles or glass containers into these beautiful and chic Glass Etched Vases!

Want to try another easy upcycled craft? You’ll love these easy DIY Gold Leaf Vases:

DIY Gold Leaf Vases from Recycled Bottles | Pretty Handy Girl

Enjoy and be sure to raid your recycling bin more often!

Vintage Map Lampshade | Pretty Handy Girl
Do you want to update a plain vanilla lamp shade? Do you have a vacation you want to remember? You can do both with this vintage map lampshade!

The process to create a Vintage Map Lampshade is easy, especially if your lamp shade is close to a perfect cylinder. But, what do you do when you have a cone shaped shade? The instructions are a little more complicated, but I can show you how.

Pull up a seat and I’ll show you how to create a cool decorated lampshade. (Keep in mind you don’t have to use maps. You could use wallpaper, fabric, a poster, or anything you want!) Let’s do this.

Vintage Map Lampshade | Pretty Handy Girl

During a trip to my local thrift store, I discovered an old atlas and knew I could use it for oodles of projects. As I walked out of the store a flood of ideas came to me. One of them was to make a Vintage Map Lampshade.


(I’ve included affiliate links for your convenience. I earn a small percentage from a purchase using these links. There is no additional cost to you. You can read more about affiliate links here.)

To add a vintage glaze you will also need:



Start by selecting the maps or paper you want to use. Carefully cut them out along the spine using a fresh x-acto blade — don’t let your blade get dull. (I use a new one for each project. Your cuts are much cleaner when working with a fresh blade.)

Set your pages aside for now.

To make a template for your shade, roll out a large piece of craft paper. Lay your lampshade on the craft paper. Start at the vertical seam on the shade (to give you a visual of where to start and stop) and set your pencil along the bottom edge of the lampshade.

Gently roll the shade on the paper and mark along the bottom edge of the shade.

When you reach the end, reverse your shade and draw along the top edge. At the end, add an inch or two for overlap. Cut along the outlines to create your lampshade template.

Tape the template onto your lamp shade using the low tack tape. Make sure it fits snugly.

Trim any excess from the edge of your template. Should you choose, trim excess to allow room for the grosgrain ribbon.

Make sure your template fits perfectly before you proceed.

Lay out your craft paper template on top of the map pages. Make any adjustments to the page layout.

Tape your map pages together using clear packing tape on the inside only.

Trace the template on top of the map pages.

Cut out the shape along the pencil line.

Wrap the lampshade with your cut out map pages.  Clip the edges with clothes pins.

Working in small 8″ sections, brush rubber cement onto the map and the lamp shade. Wait a minute or two for the glues to dry. Then press them together. This is the best way to get maximum adhesion when using regular rubber cement. It creates a stronger bond than just one coat applied and joined while it is still wet. Alternatively you could use spray adhesive (especially if you are using fabric.)

Continue by gluing another section until you reach the end. To finish the seams on the outside, brush some rubber cement under the seams where your maps overlap. Press and hold them down until the glue dries.

Add a Vintage Aged Glaze:

Time to give your maps a vintage aged look! Pour 2 parts mod podge into an empty cup. Add about 1 part cocoa paint. Mix them together. Test some of the glaze on a scrap piece of paper. If you like the glaze color, start brushing it onto the lamp shade. Be careful not to use too much of the glaze or the paper will start to wrinkle. (If it does, no worries, some of the wrinkles will come out when it dries. Any remaining wrinkles make it look old.)

Let the glaze dry.

Cut two strips of grosgrain ribbon the circumference of your lamp shade plus an inch for overlap.

Hot glue the ribbon onto the top and bottom edges of your lamp shade. (Please, please, protect your fingers, read my hot glue gun safety post before working with hot glue!)

Put your lampshade on your favorite lamp.

Admire your unique lamp shade that brings back fond memories of a special trip.

If you make one of these, what map would be on your’s? Your home state? The place you were born? Where your family’s heritage resides? Or something completely different? I would love to hear your ideas.

Did you like this tutorial? Want to learn how to revamp another lamp shade with paint chips!

The result are a beautiful ombré lamp that is fun and colorful.


Have you ever stumbled across a wine crate and wondered what you could do with it? I have just the idea for you and it will take less than an hour to create. Today I’ll show you how to make a Rustic Wine Crate with Rope Handles.


  • Wine crate or wooden box
  • Dark brown stain (Minwax Early American is the stain I used.)
  • Paint Brush
  • Paper towels
  • Damp rag
  • Rubber gloves
  • Medium Grit (100 grit) sandpaper
  • Sisal Rope
  • Scissors
  • Drill w/ bits


1. Clean your crate with a damp rag. Then brush the stain on and let it sit for a minute.

2. Wipe any excess stain off with paper towels.

Add a second coat if you like a darker colored crate. Allow it to dry thoroughly. (This might take several hours or overnight depending on your humidity. Hand raised…hot and humid North Carolina dweller here.)

3. Sand any words and printing on the crate until you start to see some of the wood coming through. Be careful not to sand too deep and expose the bare wood. Wipe off the crate.

4. Mark the location for the rope handle on the sides of the crate. Be sure to measure the same distances from the top and edges on both sides.

5. Choose a drill bit slightly larger than your rope. Drill holes at the marks.

6. Insert one side of the rope through the hole.

7. Tie a double knot inside the crate to keep the rope from slipping back through.

8. Determine how long a handle you desire and tie a single knot in the middle of the handle.

9. Feed the other end of your rope through the other hole and tie another double knot on the inside of the crate.

10. Fray the edges of your rope by untwisting them.

Fill your crate with magazines, blankets, or décor goodies and display it proudly!

Easy tutorial right? How many of you are running to your local wine shop and begging for wine crates now? I’ve seen them at Costco, too.


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Teacher’s Appreciation Week is coming up.  I needed a gift that would be special and would make the teachers’ smile. And, I needed a gift that would require very little time to create. As I strode by the recycling bin, I grabbed some jars and had a wild idea. I’d make some Simple Washi Tape Vases for teacher appreciation gifts! And best of all, the cost would be next to nothing.

Welcome back to the Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea Series! All this week, we’ll have simple and inexpensive last minute gift ideas for the teachers in your life.

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas Series | Pretty Handy Girl

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas:

Decorated Chalkboard | Thank You for Nurturing My Child Plant | Apple Pencil Holder | You Rock Gift 3D Card | Simple Washi Tape Vases



  • Recycled jars
  • Washi tape
  • Scissors
  • Flowers


Are you ready? This is complicated, so pay attention! (You know I’m kidding, right?!) Read more