Father’s Day Gift Idea – Golf Gift Basket

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June is upon us, and that means that Father’s Day is just around the corner! Do you want to be the “birdie” of your hubby’s eye? Or maybe you want to give Dad a present that is above “par”! Well, I have a gift basket idea that is sure to be a “hole-in-one”!

Instead of just presenting him with a gift certificate, why not have some fun and make him a golf themed basket as well.


  • golf course gift certificate
  • wire basket
  • ribbon
  • dowel rod or skinny bamboo pole
  • cardstock paper
  • glue
  • scissors
  • small empty box or other recycling to fill bottom of basket
  • utility knife
  • tape
  • ribbon
  • 2 sheets green scrapbook paper
  • used golf balls (buy bags of balls for cheap on Craig’s List!)
  • optional: pasta maker


Cut off the top of the empty box and set it in the bottom of the basket.

Fold one piece of scrapbook paper in half (1). Cut fringes 2/3 of the way through towards the fold (2). Open up the paper and cut along the fold (3). Curl and play with the fringes to give them more dimension (4).

Insert the fringed paper around the box in the basket.

Make more fake paper by shredding the second piece of scrapbook paper in the pasta maker. (Question: Does anyone else use their pasta maker for actually making…pasta? I honestly can’t remember if I’ve ever made pasta with mine.)

Tuck the shredded grass around the top of the box. Slice a slit into the top of the box using the utility knife and insert the rod into it.

Fill the basket top with golf balls. Arrange them until you can’t see the cardboard box.

Print out the flag template. You can download the Father’s Day Flag printable by clicking on this link. Or if you prefer a Happy Birthday printable, click on this link.  Then print it onto cardstock paper.

Fold the flag along the dotted line.

Cut off the top point of the flag.

Spread glue along the edges of the flag, and use a liberal amount along the edge that will fold around the rod.

Fold over the side. Wrap it around the rod and press the edge back onto the flag.

Tie a ribbon around the basket. Tuck the gift certificate in amongst the balls.

And present this unique golf gift basket to someone special.

I think Dad will be pleased. Don’t you?

I’ll be back on Wednesday with another rockin’ Father’s Day idea. Stay tuned!

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  1. Heather
    Heather says:

    Super cute! You could also use a paper shredder for the fake grass! I’ve used it for that same purpose 🙂


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