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Faux Aged Metal Pulley | Pretty Handy Girl

Do you love rustic metal pulleys, but don’t like the hefty price tag? Wouldn’t you rather have a rustic metal pulley for less than $5? Ah, I have a secret. That beautiful rustic metal pulley above is actually:

Faux Metal Pulley | Pretty Handy Girl

Plastic! Ready to see how I secretly transformed that black plastic pulley into a gorgeous faux aged metal pulley?

Faux Aged Metal Pulley | Pretty Handy Girl


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Faux Metal Pulley | Pretty Handy Girl


Paint Metal Primer onto the plastic pulley.

Faux Aged Metal Pulley | Pretty Handy Girl

After the primer has dried, paint the Metal Effects copper paint onto the pulley. Let it dry and apply a second coat.

Faux Metal Pulley | Pretty Handy Girl

While the copper paint is still wet, dab the Metal Effects patina liquid randomly onto the pulley.

Faux Metal Pulley | Pretty Handy Girl

Can you tell which one isn’t real metal? Ha!

Tips for Creating a Gallery Wall | Pretty Handy Girl

Even close up, it’s hard to tell that this pulley isn’t real metal.

Faux Aged Metal Pulley | Pretty Handy Girl

What else do you think could use some faux aged metal treatment?


15 replies
  1. Susanne
    Susanne says:

    I love how beautiful the patina is on this! I am definitely going to try this method, maybe on some ugly 90’s doorknobs that I’ve been wanting to change out. I’m curious though, what is the spray bottle for?

  2. Betsey A Freyberger
    Betsey A Freyberger says:

    Would you be able to use this as a pulley for a light from the ceiling? And where did you find the pulley?

  3. Emily
    Emily says:

    Love this!! In refinishing the top of a coffee table with this, what would the best sealer be, do you think – a liquid poly in the can (not spray) or a wax like everyone’s using for chalk paint?

    I have a bunch of kids and big dogs – durability is a must! 🙂

    • Haley
      Haley says:

      Did you end up doing this project? I’m thinking of doing the same thing! I’d love to know how it turned out and if you have any advice (and/or pics too!)? Thank you:-)


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