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DIY Restoration Hardware Weathered Gray Stain Recipe

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Gray Restoration Hardware Stain Recipe | Pretty Handy Girl

I’ve fallen in love with the Restoration Hardware Salvage Gray wood stain. But, try as I might, I haven’t found a pre-mixed stain that produces the same look. That never deterred me, and I don’t like to give up. Therefore, I created my own recipe for approximating that Restoration Hardware Weathered Gray stain. You may have seen this beautiful gray stain on my Sports Gear Storage Shelves the other day. Because I love you and I love to share, here is the DIY Restoration Hardware Weathered Gray Stain Recipe.



DIY Restoration Hardware Weathered Gray Stain Recipe Instructions:

Premix your glaze in a jar or bottle. 1 Part Valspar Arid Plains with 3 parts Valspar clear glaze.

Sand your wood smooth. Put on a rubber glove and slip an old sock over the glove. Dip you hand into the stain and wipe the stain onto your wood. Always wipe on stain with the grain.

Gray Restoration Hardware Stain Recipe | Pretty Handy Girl

After the first coat has dried, repeat by adding a second coat of Minwax Provincial stain. Let the stain dry.

Gray Restoration Hardware Stain Recipe | Pretty Handy Girl

Lightly sand the wood before applying the glaze.

Gray Restoration Hardware Stain Recipe | Pretty Handy Girl

Dip your paint brush into the glaze and paint on top of the stained wood.

Gray Restoration Hardware Stain Recipe | Pretty Handy Girl

Wipe off excess glaze.

Gray Restoration Hardware Stain Recipe | Pretty Handy Girl

And now you have a beautiful warm weathered gray stain.

Gray Restoration Hardware Stain Recipe | Pretty Handy Girl

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Restoration Hardware Weathered Gray Stain Recipe | Pretty Handy Girl


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Hopefully some day Restoration Hardware will sell their beautiful weathered gray stain pre-mixed. Until then, you can always DIY it!



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DIY weathered gray stain recipe


39 replies
  1. MJ
    MJ says:

    I have standard, builders grade bi-fold doors that are painted white that I would like to transform. What are your thoughts on trying this technique realizing that there will not be any wood grain that shows through.

  2. dj j
    dj j says:

    I was wondering if this would work on wood paneling. It is already brown just wondering if I just glazed over it with paint I would get this effect? It would probably be darker since the paneling is darker..maybe pick a lighter gray paint for the glaze?

  3. Anna
    Anna says:

    I randomly stumbled across this page looking for how to do a gray wash. I used it on a shoe rack and it looks amazing! I just had Lowe’s do a sample size of the paint and it was more than enough. Thanks for this!

    • Krista Parrett
      Krista Parrett says:

      Hi, I just used this on a kitchen table the I built myself, and I wondered the same thing. Yes, it looks tan in the jar, but once it is on the stain, the colors combine to give it a a natural gray wood finish. Its amazing how much it changes the stain color! I was really worried when I got the stain on there, then saw the paint. But I followed her directions, and it really does work. Just fyi, I used 2 coats of wood conditioner (a MUST if it is a soft wood), then 2 coats of stain, then I applied this mixture with a large brush, put on a thin coat, then after just a few minutes rubbed off the excess- it gave it a more subtle look. The glaze also lightens the color of the stain quite a bit, but, yes, it really does work.
      Oh, And they do still sell Valspar Arid Plains- it’s paint number 6007-2A, and the glaze is in a smaller jar now. Good luck!

  4. Paige
    Paige says:

    Hi! Trying to do a large tabletop, and am having trouble with “streaks” when I wipe the glaze off…. Any suggestions ?? HELP please 🙁

  5. Sharon
    Sharon says:

    Love this! If I use a wood conditioner first, will this process work on pine? Somehow, I find myself surrounded by pine.

  6. Brittany
    Brittany says:

    What wood was used in these pictures? We are making a bunk bed (restoration hardware hack) with white wood and wondered if this stain would look the same on it.

  7. Hannah
    Hannah says:

    Hi! I’m about to do this tomorrow! What does 1 part & 3 parts mean? Whats the exact measurements to add in of both?

  8. Carmen Hamlett
    Carmen Hamlett says:

    Hello! Thanks for sharing this technique, your project looks awesome! I have a laminate dining room table and it has a few spots where the laminate has “lifted” off. Can I still do this if I just lightly sand the table or does this only work with real wood surfaces?


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