Happy Birthday-Blogiversary To Me!

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Let me hear some noise! Blow the horns, shout out loud, let’s get ready to PAARRRTTTYYYY!

Could there be a more exciting week? I think not! On this date one year ago, Pretty Handy Girl was born. I wrote my first blog post and since then y’all have followed me through the beautiful and the ugly.

But, wait, there’s more! On Thursday, 40 years ago, I was born!

I couldn’t be more excited to celebrate my 40th birthday with you and you and you – all 3,350 of you (and counting!)

In honor of this memorable week, I will have a different giveaway for each day. In no particular order, here are some of the gifts I have for you (thanks to some wonderful companies who donated them.)

Janimie Necklace of Your Choice

Dremel Trio

A Selection of All Things Pretty Handy Girl (Sorry, I will not be included in the box.)

KILZ Primer

Gift Certificate to spend at Leen the Graphics Queen

A Selection of Irwin Tools


So, be sure to stop by EVERY day this week to see what you could win! Who’s with me now? Can I get a woot woot!

I leave you with a photo compilation of me over the past 40 years. Enjoy!

P.s. Get a load of my wings and my hot prom date! No funny comments, that was me and Pretty Handsome Guy in the 80’s. {Baahahaha. LOL}

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  1. Jen
    Jen says:

    Happy Anniversary/Birthday week to you!! I really enjoy reading your blog! I did a search for make your own bench a year ago and became a fan. Soon after I found out the we both know S. Adams! How cool 🙂

  2. Erin
    Erin says:

    Happy Birthday and Happy Blogiversary! Keeping my fingers crossed for that Dremel set. I have so many projects that could be used on.

  3. Ritta
    Ritta says:

    Happy Birthday dear friend! Wow, how time has flown! I can’t believe you are 40, you don’t look a day older than when I met you!!!

  4. Lisa~
    Lisa~ says:

    Hoo hoo hoo ha ha ha!!! Oh my gosh. I can’t breathe! Hoo hoo ha! That prom picture is the BEST!

    Happy birthday you and your blog. Can’t wait to win me some stuff. (still can’t stop laughing) Lisa~

  5. Paula
    Paula says:

    Wow! I can’t believe you have only been blogging ONE year! As my boys say, YOU are the bomb! Congratulations and HAPPY 40th Birthday! I love reading your blog and seeing all your great pics. Thanks and keep them coming! Have a great week!

  6. Marianne
    Marianne says:

    Happy anniversary and birthday. I wish I could be home next week to have a chance to win the Dremel tool. I have always wanted one. Oh, well. Got to keep asking my husband for one, maybe he will get the hint soon.

  7. pam
    pam says:

    I found your blog a couple of months ago and check in with you every day. I have not as yet done any projects but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a list started.
    Keep it up.

  8. ColleenwithMurals&More
    ColleenwithMurals&More says:

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! I swear Brittany, you’re one of my delights in BlogWorld! It’s hard for me to believe your blog is only one year old, though! Wow! What you’ve accomplished in only one year is amazing!

    Great prizes! I think the Dremel and Kilz are calling my name :p

  9. Catherine A.
    Catherine A. says:

    BIG SHOUT OUT TO YOU! Happy Birthday & Happy Blogiversary! Thank you for sharing so much with us all. I really enjoy your blog. The hair styles may have changed (80’s = big hair ha ha), but you haven’t aged. Looking good!

  10. CAS
    CAS says:

    Congratulations! Enjoyed the photos, they made me smile (well, and laugh a little, too), because I have a daughter who turned the Big 40 in May. We have some similar pics of her prom “do,” attire & date!

  11. Richella @ Imparting Grace
    Richella @ Imparting Grace says:

    Congratulations, Brittany! You’ve accomplished so much with your blog in just one short year! And that’s no surprise, really–you’re so smart, so talented AND so kind! I am really happy for you.

    And happy birthday, too! I AM surprised that you’ll be 40–you look so young! Of course, 40 is very young–VERY young!!–but I would have guessed you were even younger. So whatever you’re doing to take care of yourself, I’d say you’re doing a great job. Many happy returns! 🙂

  12. Melinda KE
    Melinda KE says:

    Congrats, one year down and many more to come…I hope! Happy Birthday, and what a cool baby photo that is! I love the prom photo too, the hair cracks me up. 🙂

  13. Catherine
    Catherine says:

    Happy birthday / blogiversary! You sure have accomplished a lot in just one year of blogging!

    Those prizes look like some great ones… although I must say that photo of the couple taking “you” out of the box is a wee bit creepy. 🙂

    Congrats again on the milestones!

    P.S. I think that photo of you and your hubby is so cute! Hey that was stylish back then! And the fact that you married your high school sweetheart.. so romantic! 🙂

  14. Kim
    Kim says:

    I love looking back at old photos — especially fun to see what hairstyles we had… Your guy had gorgeous hair too! 🙂

    Happy Birthday/Blogiversary!

  15. SheilaG
    SheilaG says:

    Happy birthday/blogiversary. You were/are a cutie, no matter the hairstyle! At least you had a style- me, not so much! 😉

  16. Barbara Mars
    Barbara Mars says:

    Congratulations on your first year of blogging and Happy Birthday as well! I always check out your blog for helpful hints and tutes – you are so talented and love your ideas! Great giveaways – thank you so much!!!
    Barbara in TN

  17. Tati
    Tati says:

    Woot! Woot! Happy, Happy Birthday/Blogiversary to you! I must say that I’m sorry I wasn’t here at the time of your first blog post, but I’m so glad that I stumbled across Pretty Handy Girl and I am forever a huge fan!!

  18. Kim
    Kim says:

    Happy Blogiversary and Happy Birthday!
    So gald you decided to become a blogger! You inspire the rest of us DIYers!

  19. Laura
    Laura says:

    Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary! The gifts look great! You have surely inspired me that I can do it myself! Love your blog!

  20. Susan Bryant
    Susan Bryant says:

    Happy Birthday to you!!!! And Happy Blogiversary too!!!!! I have been following you for some time now & love your posts….I just never post anything! BUT…I LOVE that Dremel & will definitely be entering to win that! I have been eyeing those for some time now & want one so bad!!!!!

  21. Alice
    Alice says:

    Happy 40th Birthday and Happy Blogiversary to you. Two wonderful milestones for you this week. Your pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us. Love your prizes for the giveaway. Some time back I found your blog and I have become a better person for following you. Your tips, photos, spunk, and occasional funny quirky posts keep me comming back for more. You know you’re a true blue blog follower when you go into withdrawals for missing a weeks worth of posts when you have no computer. Enjoy these milestones. Best Wishes for many many more milestone moments in your life.

  22. Renee
    Renee says:

    LOVE IT!!! How cool is this?! You are awesome! Congratulations and Happy Birthday! I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week holds. I owe you a call.

  23. Suki Korp
    Suki Korp says:

    Happy Happy Birthday! Forty is a great year…I found it to be so, at least. I so enjoy reading your blog and being your facebook friend! I am really glad that you “birthed” your blog a year ago…And looking forward to another year of wonderful tips and great ideas.

  24. Anna Marie Penix
    Anna Marie Penix says:

    hahahaha! looks like my giveaway comment ended up here! So sorry! Happy Birthday and congratulations on your blogging milestone! I love this “place”!!!

  25. Christina
    Christina says:

    Happy birthday and blogday 🙂
    I am DROOLING over these prizes. I am new to DIY and don’t have too many tools (um just a dewalt screwdriver with a drill bit: My ONLY power tools!). These giveaways are A M A Z I N G !

  26. SE
    SE says:

    The happiest of birthdays to you! You haven’t aged a bit! Neither has Pretty Handsome Guy! Bahahaha! I like his current ‘do, though! The ’80’s were tragic for all of us!


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