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Heathy Sugar Busters Coffee | Pretty Handy Girl

Raise your hand if you are addicted to sugar! (Hand raised high here.) I’ve been trying to give up sugar and developed this Healthy Sugar Busters Coffee based loosely on a Bullet Proof Coffee recipe I found. Research has shown that we all need healthy fats to support our brain function and a healthy diet. Healthy fats can be found in coconut oil, grass-fed butter, MCT oil, avocados and much more. You can read about a diet rich in healthy fats and oils in Dr. Mark Hyman’s Eat Fat Get Thin book (affiliate link.)

Instead of grass-fed butter and MCT oil, I used coconut oil and almond creamer plus almond milk to make my Healthy Sugar Busters Coffee. You will not believe how tasty this coffee is. And the frothiness of this drink makes you forget there’s little to no sugar in it.

Heathy Sugar Busters Coffee | Pretty Handy Girl

Ready to indulge in a luxurious Healthy Sugar Busters Coffee with me?

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Heathy Sugar Busters Coffee | Pretty Handy Girl

Start by brewing your favorite cup of coffee. (I’ve switched to decaf per my doctor’s suggestion. But, occasionally I’ll add a little caffeine coffee to my drink.)

While the coffee is still hot, add one tablespoon of coconut oil to your coffee.

Heathy Sugar Busters Coffee | Pretty Handy Girl

Add one tablespoon of creamer. (Note: the Califia Almond creamers have a few grams of sugar per tablespoon. If you want zero sugar, buy the unsweetened Califia Almond Creamer.)

Heathy Sugar Busters Coffee | Pretty Handy Girl

Add Almond Milk to taste. (Zero grams of sugar in the Almond Breeze Vanilla Unsweetened, so feel free to add more if you like a light colored coffee.)

Heathy Sugar Busters Coffee | Pretty Handy Girl

Poor the coffee mixture into your blender.

Heathy Sugar Busters Coffee | Pretty Handy Girl

Put the blade attachment (or lid) on your blender cup and give it a whirl. The Magic Bullet doesn’t take more than 15-20 seconds to whip the coffee up to a beautiful froth. (I used to use a Ninja before, it took longer, didn’t froth as much and ultimately the blender died. Plus, the cup started to leak at the blade attachment. Boo.)

Heathy Sugar Busters Coffee | Pretty Handy Girl

Check out how much beautiful froth your drink has after being blended! If you like lattes, this has the consistency of a Starbucks latte.

Heathy Sugar Busters Coffee | Pretty Handy Girl

Pour your Healthy Sugar Busters Coffee into a mug and indulge!

Heathy Sugar Busters Coffee | Pretty Handy Girl

Want iced coffee instead? Pour it over a glass full of ice. Or brew decaf and store it in the fridge.

This is what I live for every morning. I can’t wait to wake up and make my Healthy Sugar Busters Coffee each morning. Have you caught on to the healthy fat diet? How do you feel? Have you lost any weight?


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  1. Connie Shaddy
    Connie Shaddy says:

    (I raised my hand….Hello, my name is Connie…I’m a sugar addict!)
    I have a question…I make my own almond milk, two reasons, it’s delicious and easy plus I use the almond pulp/flour to make my pupcakes for my dogs. I have never heard of almond milk creamer! (sounds interesting) But my question, can I make almond milk creamer?

  2. mary
    mary says:

    I am also a sugar addict, using creamer AND sugar (no sugar-free creamer for me). I am pinning this to try because I know sugar is not good for me, but it tastes so good!


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