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I just finished cleaning the bathroom. The mirror is spotless, the sink is clean, and the toilet is cl… ARGH! I just cleaned the toilet and that flaking hinge just dropped another metal flake on the seat!

Do any of you have a similar problem? Or is your seat old and looks dirty no matter how much elbow grease you use?
Don’t put up with ugly toilet seats any longer! This fix is inexpensive and takes about 15 minutes.
New toilet seats start at $20. I splurged on this soft close lid for $35. I’ll tell you why later.
You will need pliers and a phillips or flat head screw driver (depending on your bolts).
I received the adjustable Irwin Groove Lock pliers from Irwin to test, and I do have to say that I like the convenience of adjusting it with the push of a button. That sure beats looking for the right size socket or crescent wrench! {I was not paid to say that, see my product review disclosure here}
Locate the bolt and nut under your toilet bowl. Use your pliers to loosen the nut (remember lefty loosey to unscrew.) 

Once the nuts on both sides have been removed, you should be able to lift the old seat straight up and off the toilet.
Locate the two seat bolts for your new seat. (Be sure to familiarize yourself with the instructions for your new seat since they may vary slightly from this post. Some seats have the bolts attached to the seat already.)
Insert them into the holes in the toilet.
Thread the nut onto the bolts from underneath. Then tighten the bolts with a screwdriver and hold the nut with your pliers. Be careful not to over-tighten the bolts or your toilet bowl could crack.
The seat I bought has a quick release hinge so you can thoroughly clean the seat and around the hinges. Simply snap the seat on top of the bolts and then rotate the hinge cap clockwise to lock it in place.

And the seat is installed. I love that our toilet seat has a soft close feature.

Now the true reason I bought the soft close seat:

These two boys in training think it is pretty cool and are MORE likely to lift up the toilet seat when using it and return it to the down position when done! Any of you who have little boys in your home, you know what I’m talking about, right?! You have to start training them young! (I never want to sit down in droplets of pee ever again. Ewwww!)

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I have just discovered your blog and I think it's wonderful. There can never be too many DIY sites!! Thanks for being here.

  2. Deborah in Atlanta
    Deborah in Atlanta says:

    We just replaced the toilet seat at my mother's house, and oh my goodness, I didn't realize there were so many different "sizes/shapes" of toilet seats. I think I finally got the right size the third time around. And that was only because I took the old seat with me. I guess we were cursed because her toilet was that old almond/beige color. I love the fact that the one you bought had the quick release hinge.

  3. Donald's Garden
    Donald's Garden says:

    And don't forget —- it's 'bad' Feng Shui to leave your toilet seat up. Good energy goes down the drain – so always use the lid when not in use! This is a perfect toilet seat for this purpose!

  4. maleahbliss
    maleahbliss says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award!! Come on over to accept! 🙂

  5. Kolein
    Kolein says:

    That's wonderful!!! Last time there was a GD over at Donna's, I cleaned my toilet!!!!

    Yes, I completely understand about opening/closing the lids…I have 2 boys…actually 3, if you're counting the big guy!

    Oh and at first glance I thought you had your own line of toilet seats (your blog name in the upper left hand corner) LOL!

    Nice to meet you!!!

  6. Angeline
    Angeline says:

    I REALLY love these toilet seats 🙂 (..and I'm so glad to be able to say that to you and you know exactly what I mean) – Thanks for showing how to do this – without a handy husband in sight!

  7. Cate Madden
    Cate Madden says:

    This particular project will be put into use on THURSDAY! I’m so excited! Love all your ideas. Hope to see you on the 25th. 🙂

  8. Cec
    Cec says:

    Thanks, my current toilet seat is cracking in half and pinches my behind cheeks. I purchased a new one, but could not get the current one off. It seemed permanently bolted on. I am glad that you showed a photo of the tool to use and the underside of the toilet. Now I won’t have to go into home depot sounding like a fool.

  9. Lindsay
    Lindsay says:

    Thanks for this!
    My husband is the anti-of handy, so this is something I can early do in a weekend, and he’ll think i’m a genius 😉
    Our toilet set has been shifting for awhile now.

    Can’t wait to scope out your other projects. Thanks for sharing!


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