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How to Make a Mason Jar Foaming Soap Dispenser

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Mason Jar Foaming Soap Dispenser

My sweet little sister, Caitlin, sent me vintage blue Ball Mason jars for my birthday. I had resisted buying them because I might have a bit of a jar hoarding problem. (If you’re in my home, don’t open the cabinet in the laundry room. You might be horrified or shocked by all the jars I’ve rescued from the recycling.)

When I opened the package of six brand new blue jars, I knew I had to keep them and find some ways to display these beauties. Caitlin suggested I should turn one into a soap pump. I agreed, but decided to make it a foaming soap dispenser. Any one else addicted to bubbly foamy soap like I am? Raise your hand and be proud. We can start a foaming soap addicts group (right after the recycled jar addicts group meeting.)

Here’s my tutorial for turning a blue mason jar into a foaming soap dispenser.


  • Scrap of wood
  • Drill
  • 1 1/2″ drill bit
  • Foaming soap (Method had the longest stray and the perfect blue liquid)
  • Blue Ball Mason Jar with lid
  • Clamp
  • Utility Knife (with sharp blade)
  • Pencil
  • Safety glasses

Mason Jar Foaming Soap Dispenser Instructions:

Unscrew the lid off the Ball jar.  Measure and mark the center of the jar lid. Clamp the lid securely to the scrap wood.


Very gently drill a hole into the lid with the spade bit. At some point the bit may bind in the lid. You can finish cutting the hole with a sharp utility knife. (Just be careful not to cut yourself on the sharp edges.)


Test the fit of the hole over the soap bottle.


Pour the liquid foaming soap into the Ball jar.


Use the utility knife to carefully cut off the top threaded portion of the soap bottle (leave enough collar to fit under the hole in the jar lid.)


Line up the pump dispenser, the plastic collar, the jar lid and lid ring.


Assemble the pump dispenser inside the lid as shown below (1. Insert plastic collar into the jar lid. 2. Thread pump onto the plastic collar. 3. Tighten pump lid. 4. Insert pump into jar and screw on the lid ring.):


Pump out luscious foamy soap to your heart’s content!


When it’s empty, refill with more liquid foaming soap (it’s better than using one time soap containers!) Did you know you can make your own foaming soap by mixing water and your favorite liquid soap? Hand soap or  dishwashing liquid soap will work.)


I have five more Blue Mason jars. What do you suggest I use them for???

UPDATE: Many people had asked if my jar lid rusted. The answer is, Yes, it did. But, I was able to clean off the rust and seal the lid with clear nail polish and so far it isn’t rusting (four months now.) Also, Michelle from Counting Willows has her own solution!


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  1. Carol Hake
    Carol Hake says:

    I was just pricing these … I too have a mason jar hoarding problem. The pumps to fit these are VERY expensive for what they are. Such a great idea!!! Thanks so very much!

    Lakeside, CA

  2. Jake's a Girl
    Jake's a Girl says:

    Love this idea. I’d been roaming the web to see if any company had come out with a foaming type dispenser top for the jars. Yeah! Someone did! You! 🙂

    Talking about these jars. I ordered my first set. The shipping was pitiful! Found the second set at K-Mart for $10. Way cheaper than the ordered set. eek. I should have known to wait.

    Thanks. Jake’s a Girl

  3. rose
    rose says:

    Yes, I have a mason jar hoarding problem. My excuse is that I do can produce. I couldn’t eat all the produce that I have jars for if I did fill all the jars but that is my excuse.

  4. Crystal
    Crystal says:

    Love it!! The blue mason jars are so cute!! I love that you made it into a soap dispenser. Thanks for the tutorial!! Love them!!

  5. John
    John says:

    This is a great idea, thanks for the tutorial. One question, have you experienced any problems with corrosion of the lid over time?

  6. Danese
    Danese says:

    I went to the Dollar Store and got a few foaming hand soaps…I dumped them out and made my own soap! :0) just wanted to share the least expensive option for the foamers that I’ve found!

  7. Phyllis
    Phyllis says:

    We love Neutrogena facial cleanser and we use it in the foamer. Product lasts MUCH longer, and cleaning the face with foam works just as well as using full strength product. We keep one in the shower, but take care NOT to get water in the foamer. Water ruins the foamer.

  8. Billie Jackson
    Billie Jackson says:

    Love the foaming soap. I have a special needs son in his 20’s that had problems washing his hands and getting the soap all over like he should. Foaming soap was just the right thing. He can easily see where the soap goes, and he likes the feel of the soap. We now also put his body wash in a foamer for his showers.

  9. Becky
    Becky says:

    I made a liquid soap dispenser out of a mason jar and lid, the lid rusted very quickly. I found that a plastic peanut butter lid fits my jar. So I cut a hole to fit covered it in some scrap material and put matching ribbon around the edge and it looks so cute. Cotton material worked better, polyester would not stick.

  10. Crystal
    Crystal says:

    Love! I think you should make some more and sell them on Etsy. (I didn’t read the comments before posting so forgive me if I just reiterated someone else’s comment).

  11. christine beutler
    christine beutler says:

    I went to JoAnn fabrics and they had all the jars but no pumps, lady there said go to dollar store they have empty containers with pumps. I did they were all glass. Then came home and found your website thru facebook. I love your site!!!!! Thank You

  12. Juju
    Juju says:

    I found Canning Jar Lids (Mainstays Brand) at Walmart that are plastic, one piece lids, that fit Regular Mouth Mason jars!
    I’m going to try out your idea using them, and I’m excited that it won’t rust here in Hawaii!

  13. Beth
    Beth says:

    Can you explain how you “sealed the lid with nail polish”. Did you paint the entire flat jar lid with polish on both sides, just the bottom side? I have made some of these jars and mine rusted fairly quickly and mostly on the inside bottom of the flat jar lid.

  14. Cheryl
    Cheryl says:

    I love Neutrogena facial cleanser as well. I have saved some of my hand soap “foamers” from Bath and Body Works. Do you use the cleanser in the light blue bottle? What ratio do you use? I hope you can help and guide me. Thanks!

  15. Cass
    Cass says:

    Just made this with a clear jar and snuck it in my boyfriends bathroom, hummmI wonder if he will like it? I will have to wait and see, how could he not? right?

  16. Pamela
    Pamela says:

    There are some very good reasons to reuse pump soap dispensers. One is that by using a fraction of soap it can be quite a money saver. Another is that the environment does not get as much soap back into the earth. But using a design like this just makes it special. And I can think of many more ways that this idea could just take off using other types of containers. Great! Thankyou

  17. Salvador
    Salvador says:

    It’s in reality a great and useful piece of info.
    I am satisfied that you simply shared this helpful info with us.
    Please stay us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

  18. Pat
    Pat says:

    I’m from Canada and am looking for foaming soap dispenser pumps. I use Dollarama bottles but the dispenser quits working. Online there are some but ships from the US so that will cost an arm and a half a leg.

      • Diedra
        Diedra says:

        I’ve used the same Dial foaming soap dispenser for nearly 4 years. I’ve got 3, one at each bathroom sink and one in the kitchen. I’ve refilled them with every kind of soap you can imagine. When I go to make these super cute jar dispensers, I’ll use the same pumps. They cost more than the dollar store brand but less than Bath and Body or Method!

  19. Jenny
    Jenny says:

    This is such a good idea! I love reusing old glass jars, and I love foaming dispensers because it’s so cheap to make your own with watered down soap. This is the perfect combo for me!

  20. Donella
    Donella says:

    Thank you for this great, simple tutorial! So smart to include the threading in the lid to hold the pump in place (instead of sitting it on top of the metal and fighting with glue and having it still wobble around lol). I just want to add- you can switch the drill to reverse once it becomes “stuck” in the lid and it will finish cutting a nice circle!

    Thanks again!


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