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Quite Possibly the Most Comfortable Boots Ever – Bogs Boots

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I get a lot of emails asking me if I want to try XYZ or ABC product. If the products work with my blog or I think I can use them in a project, I accept. However, if I don’t like the product, you won’t hear about it here. So, when a Bogs representative contacted me, I was skeptical if I would be writing a review. Especially because I have a hurt big toe from a common malady: Cute Shoe Syndrome. That’s right, I found some cute boots and wore them until I think I did damage to my foot. Therefore I’ve switched back to my clogs and “healthier” shoe options for my feet. But who knew that I could have both cute and comfortable in one shoe!

I have another confession about my feet, well rather my ankles or lack thereof. It’s true, I am genetically cursed with cankles (you know, where your calf just ends into your foot leaving no cute thin ankles.) So, boots and some higher backed shoes don’t always fit my feet.

Sorry about all the whining, but I just wanted you to understand where my feet are coming from so you can fully appreciate these boots.

I think Bogs were designed by higher beings, because these boots are heavenly!

I wore them all weekend while working on my garage makeover. The temps were in the high 60’s so at the end of the day my feet were sweating a bit (truth be told I was sweating all over because I was doing some mad building.) BUT, my feet weren’t cold from the sweat.

AND, my feet weren’t sore; they weren’t tired; they were happy feet!!!

The boots I tried are the Classic High Tuscany boots. I wore them in the creek. I wore them while working in the workshop. I even wore them on a very cold and rainy Halloween night.

The Bogs tread is designed to wipe itself clean.

But, if they do get dirty, all they need is a little rinse and they are as good as new!

I didn’t have any chafing, no sore toe, and the boot doesn’t pinch or squeeze my cankles. 😉 In fact, they hide those unsightly things.

To walk in a pair of Bogs is like walking on clouds. The best analogy I can make about the Bogs is that they are like a very comfortable boot that wears and feels like a croc. Yet, you can look fashionable while wearing them. I’m wearing them every chance I get now.

There are many different styles to choose from! Bogs make shoes for your whole family! Small ones, tall ones, short ones, and stylish ones. I dare you to pick just one pair!

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  1. Alida L.
    Alida L. says:

    How am I supposed to pick only one?!?! I think if I won I would buy the classic high tuscany boots in purple. I think. Or the hot pink Rue.

    PS The link isn’t working for me! Good thing I had google 😉

  2. Gail Lane
    Gail Lane says:

    Hi Brittany – Just found your site and love your diy’s!
    And I’m getting ready to buy a pair of above the ankle, warm boots for feeding horses in the snow and mud this winter and there are the Bogs which I hadn’t heard of. Looks like the Classic High Tuscany or the Classic High in the Teal color would work great and be fun at the same time!

  3. gina
    gina says:

    I had never heard of Bogs before. There are so many to choose from!! Think my favorite is the Classic High Lanai. Keeping my fingers crossed that I win!! Thanks for the chance.

    PS The link didn’t work for me either.

  4. Graziela
    Graziela says:

    I’ve never heard of them before, thank you for bringing them to my attention! I am now a fan! I followed them on twitter and “liked” them on facebook. After looking at their site, I think my favorite is MASON #52438-001. It was hard for me to pick on though, I kept going back and forth, up and down. LOL Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Patti
    Patti says:

    Love them all…but if I have to choose just one the Rider Emboss. Thanks for the opportunity to find a new something to love!!

  6. Mindy
    Mindy says:

    I love the Classic High Tuscany too! They look comfortable and versatile! AANNND I have large feet, with cankels, too. Good to know they work! 🙂

  7. Lisa Hankins
    Lisa Hankins says:

    Checked out their site and umm can I have one of each?! They all look so stylish! I’d choose the Jamison, coming soon of course. With the lace up style it would accommodate my lovely wide feet!

    Thanks for the chance!!

  8. Amanda
    Amanda says:

    I have been dreaming of owning a pair of Bogs for a LOOOONG time now!! I’ve NEVER heard of someone not loving their Bogs. So I’ve always wanted just the plain tall original Bogs, but then I saw the Mckenna’s… Seriously the CUTEST things I’ve ever seen! Now I want two pairs!!!! : )

  9. Stephanie @ Home
    Stephanie @ Home says:

    I love the Mckenna boot and like the description says it’s very stylish yet functional at the same time!

    And this post couldn’t be more timely. My old rain boots have a hole in them 🙁 So I’m in the market for some new boots. And with winter well on it’s way I’m going to need some comfy boots for my snowy walk commute!

  10. JustHeather
    JustHeather says:

    I’m torn between the Classic Mid Tuscany and Classic High Tuscany…

    The mid are just more of what I want, but the high would keep my pant legs in better. decisions, decisions. 🙂

  11. Ginger
    Ginger says:

    So hard to decide, but I think the Classic High Tuscany is my favorite for all my outdoor activities!!! Thanks for the chance of winning a pair.

  12. Sharon Huffman
    Sharon Huffman says:

    Wow was I ever happy to see the Classic Mid Tuscany in a women’s size 12! Hexk I’d be happy just looking at them even if they weren’t comfy, but with all my feet ailments I could sure use a pair! I’m following on Twitter and. Liked on FB. Thanks for the fun review!

  13. Sarah Tweed
    Sarah Tweed says:

    I have never seen this before and love them! I would pick the Mason style – they are so cute and I could probably get by with wearing them to work.

    I friended them on Facebook, so I’ll be anxious to see what else they come up with.


  14. Kas3dot0
    Kas3dot0 says:

    Wow I’ve been really searching for these and stalking reviews on amazon. Are they true to size?

    Liked on facebook and twitter and the McKenna boots are soo stylish. also luv the Rider Emboss.

  15. Amanda S.
    Amanda S. says:

    I just recently started following your blog and I LOVE it! These boots sound perfect for using on wet, rainy days with my preschool class, and it’s actually my 24th birthday on 11/9, so I’d love to win these!

    I just started following them on Twitter, and I visited their shop as well. I absolutely love the Classic High Tuscany purple bogs, and am definitely putting them on my wish list anyhow 🙂

  16. Jessica W.
    Jessica W. says:

    Ok, I am in LOVE with the McKenna ones. I have been looking for nice fall/winter boots, but the ones I have tried on aren’t so comfortable. Thanks for the chance! How is the sizing?? I am a half size, but they only come in whole sizes.

    • Brittany (aka Pretty Handy Girl)
      Brittany (aka Pretty Handy Girl) says:

      Here is the official answer from Bogs: we recommend going up a half size, rather than down. The reason being is part of the way that Bogs insulates your feet is the air circulates around them. If the boots are too small then it can cause cold feet and not properly insulate.

      Although, that being said, the PR rep is a half size and she personally wears a size smaller. So, sounds like you can’t go wrong ;-).

  17. laura bennett
    laura bennett says:

    I love Bogs too. In the Pacific Northwest, they’re the best option for a cold, wet winter. I’d love to own a pair of their Rue II slip-ons.

  18. Michelle Murphy
    Michelle Murphy says:

    Oh my! I have been searching and searching for rainboots. Spent hours infact. Everyone in my lil town swears by Hunter wellies – I wanted something w/ a lil more spice – these are amazing! I would pick the Rider Embossed for my first pair. But I think I’d need more than one with this selection!

  19. Dana TM
    Dana TM says:

    Tough decision. Right now, in wintertime, it would be great to get some of the high boots, like the tuscany. The rider emboss look great too, for summertime and shoulder seasons. danainalaska _at_ yahoo.

  20. Shari
    Shari says:

    These boots would be wonderful for my daughter. We have a horse farm and she spends a lot of time around manure. lol. She would look fabulous while doing barn chores like mucking stalls and then they would hose right off! I can see her picking one of the purple styles…maybe the classic mid Tuscany in purple.

  21. Queen Mary
    Queen Mary says:

    Count me among those who have never heard of Bogs before! Here’s the deal. I wear a kids size. So I’d get the McKinley; what I would LOVE is the Alex I in red, but alas, it is not to be….

  22. Anne boggs
    Anne boggs says:

    I have been eyeing these boots for some time but didn’t know enough about them to pull the trigger! now that I have read your glowing review I am convinced Anne Boggs belongs in a pair of bogs! Love the tuscany and mason styles.

  23. teresa barry
    teresa barry says:

    These look great! I would love to have a pair of the Burnsides in turquoise! yes, i know that is a girls styke (not women’s) but I love them and luckily I have small feet! They should make that style in women’s sizes! I have also likes them on FB. Thanks for sharing this Brittany!

  24. alhsjej
    alhsjej says:

    I have a problem with boots fitting too!! I think I suffer with the same ‘calf & ankle’ complaint!!

    I would be tempted to get these for my kids but decided just to look for me!! (doesn’t happen very often) I love these ones!!


  25. Kat Moss
    Kat Moss says:

    I LOVE the Classic High Tuscany in purple…that would be fabulous for the wet Tulsa fall/winter/spring! And my poor little feet would love a comfortable boot. I, too, have feet that have suffered from too many years of Cute Shoe Syndrome and now have to wear comfort footwear. I highly recommend Clark’s…

  26. Deborah Breining
    Deborah Breining says:

    I could not resist the Alex II. Never heard of this company before but I will definitely go back. Living in the Pacific Northwest you are always looking for a great rain boot. I think I found them.

  27. Krista Bean
    Krista Bean says:

    Tough choice between Alex II (both styles), Rider Emboss, and Classic High Tuscany…all great, and perfect for wet Chicago fall weather. Thanks for this awesome opportunity!

  28. Tati
    Tati says:

    I haven’t heard of these either and they are really cute! I think my favorite for me is the Classic Mid Le Jardin, the classic high daisy for my girls!

  29. hi-d
    hi-d says:

    This contest has pulled me out of “lurkdom” and I will leave a comment! I do enjoy your blog very much, so thank you first off for taking the time to share. 🙂

    I would love the classic High Tuscan boots too. My rain boots are falling apart due to “over use” and I’ve been on the hunt for some new ones. But I have big feet and it’s difficult to find any. I was very happy to see that they carry size 11 in these! I’m 6 feet tall and would probably fall over if my feet weren’t that big!! 🙂

  30. Nik
    Nik says:

    Ok miss Pretty Handy Girl.. how did you get all up in my mind? I’ve been searching for some cute, water-resistant boots on the less exxie side.. y’know, less than Wellies, and these are not only less money, but super cute!

    Looking through I’d say my fav is the floral printed ones. “Classic High Le Jardin” in the blues, greens and grays would go sooo well with my winter wardrobe. I’ll be looking chic while shoveling!

  31. Nik
    Nik says:

    Following Bogs on Twitter & linking this giveaway.

    I’m thinking these might be a perfect solution to my mom’s problem of leaky boots. Could be in her Christmas basket if she’s a good girl.

  32. Karen Palen
    Karen Palen says:

    Oh my goodness, where to start! I looked at their online site, and the Bogs I would pick FIRST would be the Clasic High Le Jardin, they are so cute and would be great for sloshing through the jungles in Costa Rica!

  33. Colleen
    Colleen says:

    These are new to me, cut from what I saw on their website, I like them very much! I like so many…the Classic High Handles in grey, the Jameson, the Classic High Le Jardin in greay and the brown McKenna. thanks for the giveaway!

  34. Tiffany M
    Tiffany M says:

    If I ever could be so lucky! These Classic High Handle (60155-005 9 M) would be lovely to wear and own!! Really like the Bogs boots and I’ve been shopping around for some boots for a while. Thanks for the review!!


  35. Laura McVay
    Laura McVay says:

    I LOVED the Classic High Tuscany in Teal….(btw…I liked Bogs on both FB and Twitter). Thank you for showing these boots. Living in this wet place, a good pair of boots has hit my list of must haves.

  36. Jody
    Jody says:

    You mean there are boots that are not only functional but totally cute and comfy? I am in! The Classic High Tuscany in orange and black is just my style.

  37. Rachel
    Rachel says:

    These look so cute! I love everything from PrettyHandyGirl, but it is a fun surprise to have a post about something not completely related to DIY. I want Classic High Tuscany in Turquoise or Lanai in blue! Can’t decide!!

  38. Stacy Grogg
    Stacy Grogg says:

    Athough I feel I should say I would choose the Hawthorne or Rue for my kids….I would totally be selfish and choose the Alex in red for me!!

  39. Kelly Palmer
    Kelly Palmer says:

    I am so torn between the McKenna and Mason. I love them both!! I would love to win a pair of either one! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  40. Carol Ann
    Carol Ann says:

    Oooh! Fun stuff! It was hard choosing a favorite, but I’d have to go with the Alex 1…great color. Thanks for the chance to win!

  41. Debi B
    Debi B says:

    I really like these shoes !!! Would love to have the Classic High LeJardin with blue design….
    you did a great job of laying out your review…lol
    Just like all your other tutorials….love your blog. It is just loaded with great info…and inspiration that I can do some of the same.. thank you sooo much!
    Debi B

  42. Terri
    Terri says:

    I love the McKenna, but I wonder about some of the shorter ones (Rue, for instance) as work shoes. I work in the OR, and comfortable, sanitizable shoes are hard to find!

  43. Debmom4ca
    Debmom4ca says:

    It would be hard to choose. Perhaps Charlotte or Rue. The good news is my girls and I have the same size feet so they would get lots of use.

  44. Bridgett
    Bridgett says:

    I love those boots! My favorite is the one in your pic – McKenna. After looking at their “city” collection on the site, I also love the “Alex” line – fun colors! And I don’t know where I’d wear them but I’m lovin’ Charlot too!

    Hoping to win a new pair of boots ON MY BDAY!!!

  45. Epesse
    Epesse says:

    OMG! So cute! I’ve been looking for waterproof boots, and Bogs take the cake. Here in South Spain we have a weird weather: not rain in 3 months or when it finally rains we have to beware of floods! Crazy. I need a pair of Bogs.

  46. ruth
    ruth says:

    I think your website is great, a female handyman is just what I want to be!
    Now for the bogs: I love the Rue (52456-441 7 M)in the gorgeous blue (my favourite colour) but for practicality I would go for the Classic Mid Handle (60156-001 7 M)

  47. John
    John says:

    I have had the same pair of Georgia Boot Company boots for eight years, and am only now wearing them out. I do a lot of heavy labor, and they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. You might give them a try.

  48. Ashley B
    Ashley B says:

    I can’t decide between the classic high in Tuscany or Le Jardin. I was all decided on Le Jardin until I saw the pics of your super cute Tuscany pair. Thanks for the great review – I’ll definitely be ordering a pair!

  49. Diane
    Diane says:

    WOW! I Love these boots! Wish I’d had some when I spent every weekend on the soccer field, but I still have lots of uses for them. I love the black Classic high Le Jardin and the purple Classic High Tuscany! I want them!
    Thanks for the great giveaway~


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