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It’s true, I JUST took down the rest of the Christmas decorations. Yes — I know it is February — but honestly I’ve been a bit busy lately. I carved out a little time to spray paint a lantern and hot glue a new wreath. And that was all it took to put me in the mood to decorate for the season.

I wanted some cozy warmth and a little brightness on our mantle, so I hung a soft faux fur throw up. To avoid nailing into the brick, I used a wooden dowel rod that spans the width of the throw. I added two screw eyes in either end of the rod and fishing line that feeds through the eye hooks and wraps around nails that are secured into the crown moulding on either side of the fireplace.

I really like the softness of the throw.

A berry wrapped white bird on top of a paper wrapped book helps bring in a little more romantic red.

Michael’s has this crackle vase on clearance now, but be careful about filling it with water because it will leak. Inserting a small yogurt container inside made it possible for me to use it for fresh flowers.

I am really excited about the book page wreath I made, but I think I’m more excited about that old light fixture that I revamped. One of my facebook fans thought it was from Pier 1. That was the ultimate compliment for something I paid $5 for at the Habitat ReStore!

The paint color I used on the lantern is Rustoleum’s Lagoon, and it has sent me on a big aqua kick!

More books and a plant to balance the right side of the mantle.

I’ll have a tutorial for this book page wreath on Wednesday, so get busy finding an old book and a ceiling medallion!

I used the chandelier turned candelabra to bring some Valentine’s whimsy to our kitchen table.

The hearts on a stick were purchased from the Dollar Tree, I just slipped green straws over the stems to beef them up a little.

I did pull the stems off the rest of the hearts and piled them in this other lantern with some faux grass.

A few recycled jars pulled together make a crisp and clean flower arrangement. We have some flowers blooming in our yard already (only about one month early), but I picked up these agapantus and alstroemeria (peruvian lilies) from the grocery store.

 I think of my sister everytime I see agapanthus, because they grow right outside her front door! Lucky duck.

My friend, Leen the Graphics Queen will recognize this bottle from our antiquing trip to Southport, NC. I’d never been to Southport before, but I will definitely have to go again. It is a really neat little town by the sea.

I couldn’t neglect the mudroom.  This is where my tree branch heart wreath hangs out.

Because this is our family’s main entrance, I chose some sweet smelling daphne and daffodils to create a fragrant and colorful welcome home.

I couldn’t truly welcome spring yet (since technically it is still a month and a half away.) So, I scribbled “Hello Spring?” on the chalkboard.

I hope you have a fabulous February and a sweet Valentine’s Day.

 P.s. How many of you watched the SuperBowl (or at least the commercials and/or halftime show) last night? What were your favorite commercials? I have to say I really liked the VW, Doritos and E-Trade commercial. And my son and I were up off the couch and dancing with Madonna! I thought she rocked the halftime show.

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  1. Alannah
    Alannah says:

    I love allll of your stuff!!! You are so talented and awesome!!!! I can’t wait to do some of the dyi projects that i have seen on your blog!!

    But Madonna totally rocked the halftime shows! And I loved the VW commercial! and the Chevy Commercial!!! I am a total Chevy person… so when all the chevys came out of the Apocalypse and he said the guy who didn’t show up was a ford driver… lol… I couldnt help but laugh!!!

  2. Leen
    Leen says:

    Love it all, you are so stinkin’ clever!

    I do recognize that bottle…wish I had gotten that one instead of the baby killer bottle! I still am telling myself she was lying about that. It’s the only way I can enjoy it.

    I think I need to make a tree limb heart wreath, SO CUTE!!

  3. Kristen@PinkToesAndPowerTools
    [email protected] says:

    I am so jealous that you have daffodils blooming!! At least the sun is shining today in Ohio. Loving your blue accents in your decorating. I think I’m skipping Valentine decorating this year–I’m still tired from Christmas!

  4. Patricia
    Patricia says:

    I love what you did with the lantern and the ceiling medallion. Oh, and the hearts in the candelabra/chandelier. Everything looks so creative. (I’m missing that gene. sigh.)

  5. Louise
    Louise says:

    I’ve just found your blog & I love it. Wish I had half your energy, your decorating ideas are darling & they give me lots of pleasure. Thank you.

  6. Brea
    Brea says:

    Hey There … admiring the wall decor with the fabric photo hanger and the chalkboard & mirrors … is that on your site as a how to? I love it and would like to try and recreate if you have any instructions that would help 🙂 … thank you and love your site!! You are amazing!!


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