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The Results are In, But the Front Door Dilemma Continues

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Wow, y’all knocked my socks off with the response to my front door color survey! Over 350 people responded. With that kind of a response I should ask for your help more often!

And the reader’s choice winner is:

A whopping 41% chose red! Many respondents commented that it might be nice to have a burnt orange or terra cotta color to match the copper roof.

Tied for 2nd and 3rd were:


Each received 11% of the votes.

Now, don’t get mad at me, but I definitely had a favorite before I posted the survey. I ventured over to my local hardware store and had them mix up a small sample pot of Benjamin Moore pear green (dries slightly darker).

I haven’t painted any swatches on the outside of the house yet. But, I did do a trial on the mailbox (I’m almost done with) and I actually really like it!

The mailbox is still being painted, but the siding and trim colors were painted using our actual house paint. And the roof color is close to our greenish shingled roof.

So, what do you think?

Are you red lovers seeing red because I moved forward without paying attention to your votes?

And those of you that liked aqua and some of the other choices, do you think I’m crazy?

We used to have a red door when we lived across the street. I really liked the color combination a lot, but I’m not sure it is rubber necky-worthy.

Another consideration is that there are two houses currently on our street that are gray with a red door. And I kind of like being unique, ya’ know?!

Have a fabulous weekend! See you next week. I’ll be sharing how I built the mailbox and lots more.


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  1. Becky@OrganizingMadeFun
    [email protected] says:

    I think most people are afraid to paint a door a shocking color! But, to me, it really says a lot about your personality. And while I like red, it’s just the only “bright” color that most people choose because they are trying to go bold. Knowing your personality, something fun and colorful like the green is going to really make you smile! My bright yellow door makes me smile everytime I see it – and let me tell you, there isn’t anyone anywhere near us that has a house with a bright yellow door! People love it! Even my mail carrier stopped me to tell me how much she enjoyed delivering mail to our home because it is so fun and pretty 🙂 And, I kind of think she would know a lot about looking at different colors of doors!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  2. Christina
    Christina says:

    Haha — I like it, but why put it to a vote if you already pretty much knew what you wanted to do? Anyway, fun project, we’ll be picking a color here sometime soon too!

  3. Christine
    Christine says:

    I love it! You’ve got me thinking about a color change for our front door. And adore the mailbox– so cute!!

  4. Helen
    Helen says:

    Yay, I loved that chartruese colour but didn’t vote – the pear is quite similar, even nicer. Love it! The door will look great 🙂
    Your neighbourhood looks lovely!

  5. Kal
    Kal says:

    I would go with red over THAT green but I will tell you that I am a seasonal front door painter and THAT makes me smile and keeps people on their toes. I like my door to go with the season and my wreath! I don’t get bored! Not a wide range of colors and red covers a number of months but my paint is always fresh. Curious to hear about the method to your madness.

  6. Bj
    Bj says:

    Interesting that you would ask opinions when you knew what you wanted … interested in finding out the method … Enjoy the new color! I voted red originally but think I like the idea of burnt orange to match the copper roof. Would look great even when the copper changes color! Just sayin’ 🙂

  7. triple bay road
    triple bay road says:

    Oh please do the chartreuse/pear!!! The red is indeed lovely, but it is also VERY cliche and overdone. That crisp yellowy-green is SO different and fresh. When I saw it on the mailbox teaser I thought “Yes! Chartreuse won!” and my heart sank when I saw that red won. But it doesn’t surprise me, as it does look very nice with your palette. Buck the crowd: go for fresh and different!

    • Brittany (aka Pretty Handy Girl)
      Brittany (aka Pretty Handy Girl) says:

      Amy, that is a great article, thanks for sharing. Here’s what green evokes: How about a green door? “Green is always a great choice for the front door since it’s a color that is said to represent balance, peace, compassion, growth, renewal, and harmony.”

  8. Kathi
    Kathi says:

    Although I was a orange-red door voter, I totally get your thought process. The color choice really has to be a reflection of you and, if you already had a red door before and have neighbors that have red doors too, that would be enough to want to go in a different direction. I actually really like the pear green on your the mock-up mailbox, so I can’t wait to see the results!

  9. Hannah
    Hannah says:

    OMG! I want your mailbox! What a cute idea. I didn’t post a color preference, but I love the pear green. That is a luscious color.

  10. Donald's Garden
    Donald's Garden says:

    Pear Green — It’s perfect! Of the three it also is my favorite. The Burnt orange – too stark. Aqua — doesn’t work — looks like an odd color with the rest of the house. I LOVE aqua, but nope not this time. The green color is dead on!

  11. Gwynne
    Gwynne says:

    How about a yellow door? It would look fabulous with the grey. (If you have to pick out of the options in the post, I’d go with red.)


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